An odd hobby I just recently discovered – Listening to Internet Radio


Has there ever been a time where you got fed up listening to the same songs over and over again in your collection? I do. I tried to remedy this by getting as many songs as I possibly can in my computer, even going as far as downloading torrents consisting of massive batches of songs, some of them nearing almost 10 GB.

Although, nowadays, most of the time when I would initially popped up my winamp listening to music, was overtaken by another niche, and that is-listening to internet radio, a new, odd hobby I recently picked up on. Specifically, I had been visiting shoutcast a lot lately, which is a site which compiled just about any kinds of radio stations from all around the world. This leads to an extremely massive collection of radio stations which contain just about any kinds of genre. I also like the way it separates and categorize it’s genres, and it made it very easy to listen to specific genres according to mood. I even got myself a radio app on my phone which uses the shoutcast library.

During times when I felt exhausted, I love entering the classical music section, throw myself to bed, plugged in my earphones, and just relaxed myself listening to some calm, classical tunes. The classical music stations I usually visited include Venice Classic Radio Italia and CINEMIX. I think there was a station where it purely focuses on orchestra, and another where it focuses on guitar rendition of classical pieces, though I don’t quite remember specifically the names of their respective stations. When I’m out, most particularly at work, I like listening to the radio stations at the Hard Rock section – one of the station I frequently checked out is the PowerRock 107, although these past few days, I find the songs they air seem to be getting slightly repetitive. I also like checking out the Jazz music section at times.


Shoutcast also has an anime OST section and obviously, it was the most frequent section I usually checked out. Just the other day, I listened to a very lovely song, which if I’m not mistaken, is a orchestral rearranged version of one of the BGMs in Steins;Gate – Gate of Steiner. The mysterious lullaby for some reason, just sounds more alluring in orchestra form. I especially love “surprises” like this when I’m listening to internet radio. One of my favorite anime radio station is AnimeNfo Radio, though that doesn’t stop me from listening to other radio stations as well, including Anime Classics Radio, Extreme Anime Radio.

Although after finding out shoutcast even had a few Vocaloid-specified radio stations as well, being a fan, I just had to listen to them, currently overwhelming my fondness for listening to anime OSTs in shoutcast. And since Vocaloid has like tens to thousands of songs, listening to them in radio makes it so much more easier and convenient. These past few days, when I’m just chilling at home, I usually just listen to LeekRadio, one of those aforementioned Vocaloid-specified radio station.

Of cause, there are still a few problems. If I’m having internet issues, I had to switch radio stations, switching to one that uses a lesser audio quality (I usually opted for ones with 128 kbps, and if that doesn’t work, then I go for 64 kbps). Conveniently, shoutcast also listed down the bit rate along with the list of radio stations so that really help. The other problem with using shoutcast is that the track names of the currently airing song barely updates. So the name shown might not be the name of the song currently being heard on the radio station, which makes trying to check out on songs you might want to listen to a second time a bit hard. Honestly, I had already listened to quite a number of great Vocaloid songs on the radio station without even knowing the artist, track name and anything about the songs themselves, so it’s quite impossible to listen to them again even if I want to, embarrassingly.


Even so, listening to internet radio stations seem pretty fun for some reason. If I have a good internet connection, chances are, I will be visiting shoutcast instead of playing my familiar collection of music in my winamp. Any of you listen to internet radio as well?

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22 thoughts on “An odd hobby I just recently discovered – Listening to Internet Radio

  1. If you into internet radio, I recommend trying out Tunein Radio. It has an impressive category of stations that span international and almost anything you can think of, they have a station for. You can listen to via PC or your smartphone/tablet. As for myself, I listen to Internet radio frequently that keeps company on my commute, but is more for podcast than music these days. Ever once in awhile I might go to Rainwave (great site) for my video game bgm/ost fix and places like Luna and Abacus (also great) for symphonic and classical music respectively, yet not as much.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! From some quick searching, it seems like it has an even larger compilation of radio stations than shoutcast. I’ll see if I can find the app version for my phone (or use the browser version). I listened to a few video game stations in shoutcast too, though awkwardly, some random 8-bit song will suddenly come out of the blue xD

  2. for anime related stuff I recommend

    It has a request system for when there is no DJ and when there is a DJ (like right now as of writing) excellent taste is abound. They have a ridiculous Friday evening show, and have good shows on other days too. Sometimes it just makes my evenings and keeps me going though the struggle that is life.

    It’s a great station. I’ve been an avid listener for more than a year.

    • I’ll check it out soon, thanks for the recommendation! I just had a brief look around, and at the “submit” a song section at the moment. Love his declining comments, lol. “i’m declining this just because you’re a wiseguy.”

  3. Ah, Shoutcast is great! I like AnimeNfo radio too, although the currently airing song only takes a few seconds to update for me on most stations. (using Winamp) I use streaming radio the most because it exposes me to a lot of new music, and if I really don’t like a song, I can just switch to another station. I tried Pandora, but the jpop selection was pretty small, and has a lot of jpop, but it’s really only good if I want to hear songs similar to a certain band, not the musical variety of songs streaming radio plays. In the end, when I want to listen to something new, I tend to turn to Shoutcast streams.

    • Then it may be because I almost never loaded the radio stations into my own music player. I usually just refresh the page to see if the names change (which most of the time, they don’t). I tried checking out on Pandora and it seems they don’t allow listeners outside of US to access it, lol. Ah, well. And I think I prefer shoutcast’s browsing style since it’s just more convenient. If I’m not mistaken, you have to browse and click each song one by one in, and it indeed just doesn’t has the same wide variety that Shoucast’s radio stations provide.

  4. I rarely listened to internet radio. But when I do, I enjoyed it since there are a lot of songs I don’t know. Pretty much like you felt. :)

  5. Yeah, I remember finding shoutcast on my PSP. Every Sunday I used to listen to animeNfo radio. I somewhat stopped listening to shoutcast for a while now. But looking to get back in to it. Shoutcast is great for when you want to find stations that play various musics, all in one place.

    • Never got any useful apps on my PSP myself. I just get the shoutcast on my phone. And indeed, it’s great. You can just listen to just about any kinds of genre at any time to suit your mood, providing you have a smooth internet connection, lol.

  6. “…anime OST section…”

    I actually spend a lot of time browsing around youtube looking for cool music videos, but queuing them up isn’t very easy and some are not ‘workplace safe’. Wait, it’s not like I’m wasting time watching videos at work or anything.

    • Yes, go check them out xD
      Although fyi, the Vocaloid radio stations don’t really have their own section in shoutcast. One of them is categorized as “Anime”, and another one is categorized as “Jpop” if I’m not mistaken. Just type “vocaloid” in the search box if you want to listen to some Vocaloid goodness ‘.’

      Actually, these past few days, I’m just watching random Vocaloid videos in youtube, be it music or non-music videos. Some of the MMD videos are awesome, yet some of them are pretty silly.

  7. Have rarely bothered with internet radio. And probably won’t lol well, guess I won’t completely shoot it down. I just mostly listen to old video game tracks on Youtube (and sometimes random stuff) so…

    • I did listen to some video game stations in shoutcast too (they also have a separate section for that), but can’t really get used to the random 8-bit songs popping out of nowhere, lol. I think I ought to check out some more video game stations.

  8. Yeah, but the only internet radio I listen to comes via Pandora. The nice thing about them is that one can basically create any station they want. Unfortunately, after half an hour, Pandora often starts playing songs either not related or distantly related to the kind of music one set it to play. (My favorite is hearing American rock after specifying Yoko Kanno.) But, it sounds like internet radio is much bigger than Pandora. I’ll have to be on the lookout for other sites.

    • I tried checking Pandora out but it seems they don’t allow listeners outside of US :\ Anyway, that issue you’re experiencing seems pretty troublesome, lol. I love “surprises”, but not surprises like these when the genre of song completely shifted to a different dimension. It’s like wanting to relax listening to classical music, when all of a sudden, a heavy metal track would suddenly burst into my ears xD

  9. I can’t say that I frequently use internet radio but a few years ago during my freshman year of high school, I used Pandora on a pretty regular basis. That year was when I was interested in looking into more alternative rock bands and the like (which I still enjoy today, but am far lazier about looking into, and I’m almost certain that every band I loved back then has at least one new album I still haven’t bothered to listen to yet) and Pandora was a great way for me to find similar bands and enjoy more songs. A lot of those songs carry with them some important memories as that music was one of the defining characteristics of the beginning of high school and I connected with a lot of my friends in part because of the music we all enjoyed. One of these days I should give internet radio a try again (perhaps more anime and Vocaloid oriented ones this time around) since that’d be a neat way to find more music to listen to if I don’t feel satisfied enough with what I have at the moment.

    • It’s kinda cool how you have a genre of music that you are so connected with to your childhood. As for me, me and my friends just listen to “boring” mainstream music :p A little while ago when we started playing guitars though, we started listening to some classic rock bands too. And yea, internet radio is cool to use when there are just too many songs and you just don’t want to look into each and every one, lol.

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