So I bought a 3DS…


I’m not really what you call a “hardcore gamer”, and I’m not really the type to buy games or consoles the day they were released. But just last month, I finally bought a 3DS.

I will begin by saying 3DS is a good console, both the OS and the design seems more fancy and professional, and certainly looks more professional than the very cheap-looking 2DS (I had a choice between the two, but I opted for 3DS). There’s also no denying that 3DS has quite a good game library too, although admittedly, Vita is also catching up really quickly, which is also a console I’m planning to hopefully buy soon.

I haven’t mess around with the console quite as extensive as you would had thought. I just glimpsed through Miiverse, and a number of non-game related functions that may or may not be non-existent, I couldn’t quite remember (Honestly, I bought it just because I want to play games) Still, 90% of the time I spent fiddling with the 3DS is figuring out the region lock – my biggest gripe with the console. Perhaps it’s because I planned to get every games (or any available on the eshop) digitally instead of physical copies which just added fuel to fire to my frustration.

I’m more of a Sony person, and Sony consoles, as far as I can tell, does not really region locked it’s games or consoles to such an extensive degree. The one and only game I’m aware of that had region lock for Sony was Persona 4 Arena on the PS3. You see, I completely underestimated the region lock. I thought “Hey if I get NA console, then I should be able to play NA games, plain and simple.” How naive I was! While that mindset may had worked if I were to get physical copies, getting games from eshop isn’t as simple. The NA eshop doesn’t allow non-US debit/credit card – after you had keyed in all the card details, it will ask for a zip code, and it can easily detect whether or not the zip code locations you entered is in conjunction with the country your card is from. I tried switching region to Brazil and it seems keying in credit cards worked there, although some games are almost twice as expensive compared to the US eshop. Currently, I had switched back to US region and rely on Nintendo prepaid cards instead, which works, miraculously. I might want to add that I was sweating buckets when the dreaded zip code comes out again when I was about to top up my Nintendo prepaid card on my 3DS, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Either way, through countless troubles, I was able to get a few games I want. Currently, the games I have on my 3DS includes:
– Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (currently playing this now)
– Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (I’m aware of the saving problems, but should be fine if I don’t save in puzzle rooms)
– Bravely Default

Anymore games you guys would recommend?

EDIT: Since I never really messed around with the other functions all that much, I never knew about this friend code thingamajig until Leap250 mentioned about it in the comments. So I just checked and for those who want to exchange codes with me, feel free to do so: 1650-3222-2408

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22 thoughts on “So I bought a 3DS…

  1. More Bravely Default love~ (haven’t finished it though, lol)
    pm me your friend code sometime :D

    As for recommendations, well, there’s Pokemon X/Y. Persona Q is not until Fall, but it’s looking to be something sweet. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm if you’re into rhythm games (although the in-game purchases could be a pain) Not much in the J-RPG area though, unless you’re going for backwards compatibility with old DS games (some of which are still pretty good xD)

    • I only just started on Ace Attorney myself, lol.
      And about the friend code, you can check my edited post above :D But fyi, it’s 1650-3222-2408

      I’m totally looking forward to Persona Q as well^^ Nice that it has a localization. I’m thinking of getting Final Fantasy Theatrhythm too actually, but I think it’s not available in the eshop and I can only get the physical copy, lol. I planned to wait for Curtain Call right now and see how that goes, but have a bad feeling it’s going to be a similar case.

      • Never really got into the Ace Attorney series myself; might get around to it when I find a cheap copy.
        Thanks xD The friend code thing is kinda weird really; it’s a two-way exchange, and it doesn’t really notify you when someone adds you on their list. Here’s mine: 3497 – 1081 – 8271

        The trailers for Persona Q look really good. I forgot to mention Kingdom Hearts 3D. but yeah, action RPG’s on the DS don’t really appeal to me as much. It might, actually, lol, check around some forums about the in-game purchases if you’re unsure.

        • Most of the older Ace Attorney games in the series are all on the DS, which I assume you can also play with the 3DS using the backwards compatibility if I’m not wrong. Try it when you can, it’s a really great series, and some newer, but similar games like Dangan Ronpa even uses Ace Attorney’s roots in it’s gameplay.
          And added. Kinda weird how I can’t seem send a message though I suspect you have to be on first, lol.

          Yea, I got the Kingdom Hearts recommendation from some other guy, will definitely check it out after I’m done with my current 3DS games, although I think I will be prioritizing more on Fire Emblem.. :\ The only thing I can purchase from the eshop are extra songs and some other additional contents, it seems, nothing about the actual game itself.. D:

  2. Not even Canada worked? I guess I’m kinda glad my credit card works just fine on my EU 3DS without problems, but man, the European prices are pretty ridiculous… which sucks because I greatly prefer having digital games. Btw, in case you didn’t know, your digital eShop games are tied to the console itself. So if you lose the 3DS, all the games are also lost. (It doesn’t bother me since I always play my 3DS at home, but if you’re paranoid about that sort of thing, it doesn’t hurt to know.)

    As for games, Crimson Shroud is good but keep in mind it has little to no story/character development. It’s just pure dungeon crawling. But it’s also cheap as hell. The other games I would have recommended have been mentioned.

    • Actually, I think Canada work, but I never personally tried it yet. I prefer digital copies too, too much physical discs and stuffs lying around my room, lol. And thanks, that’s good to know. So the main thing is to keep my 3DS safe either from lost or damage, lol. Kinda ruin the “portability” aspect but I think it should be at least more durable than what I thought.

      I’ll look into Crimson Shroud, thanks.

  3. Pick up fire emblem awakening. Without a doubt it’s my favorite and most played game on the system.

    As for future releases that should be on your radar, pick up Ruby or Sapphire in November and Smash Brothers in October.

    • Will definitely be looking out for Fire Emblem once I got my current 3DS games done^^

      I might look into those too. Smash Brothers look interesting though.

  4. Congrats on getting a 3DS. While I have owned one since 2011, I don’t really use it that much outside of Pokemon mostly because of reasons you stated, it’s region locked. Since I use video games to supplement my Japanese studies, my Vita and PS3 gets more use since I can readily play Japanese games without buying a new console. A Japanese 3DS and a game will already set me back 200 dollars or more. There are a few Japanese 3DS games I want to play, but I am mostly interested in the JRPG offerings on the Vita.

    As for games to check out, Pokemon X and Y is a very good rpg if you are interested in Pokemon. Also, Mario Kart 7 is also a pretty fun game to check out as well, although it has been out for at least two years.

    • Yea, I remembered you talking about it sometime ago. It’s a shame, since I really want to play Project Mirai, and certainly wouldn’t mind playing it untranslated anymore regardless of localizations, had it not region locked. And indeed, Vita does seems like it has more JRPG offerings, aside from the vast amount of Pokemon games which is more of a Nintendo thing.

      I’ll check them out. I think there’s Mario Kart 8 already now, lol. Not on my priority list, but will perhaps check it out soon.

  5. Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV are good choices. Other than those, you probably might like: Pokemon XY, Devil Survivor Overclocked (if you haven’t played the DS version), Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Crashmo/Pushmo (there separate games), Rune Factory 4, Yumi’s Odd Odyssey, Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Link Between Worlds, and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm.

    Upcoming titles you might want to be on the look for include: Fantasy Life, Shovel Knight, Persona Q, Super Smash Bros, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

    Then add to that the NDS library of stuff you might not of played (won’t even begin to list those) and I would say it is plenty.

    • Oh right. I remembered you singing praises about Shin Megami Tensei IV, will probably give it a go once I’m done with my current games. I played Devil Survivor on the DS, only managed one ending though. Will probably give the others a go too, especially Kingdom Hearts, though in terms of story timeline progression for Kingdom Hearts, I had probably lost it by now, lol.

      I’m especially looking out for Persona Q and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, and hopefully, both of them will be released on the eshop. The first Theatrhythm was never released on the eshop and I have a bad feeling it will be the same for the sequel.

  6. So um, yeah, I see a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening votes on here. That was literally the only reason why I brought a 3DS, and it’s been money well spent. Go get it!

    (You may also want to consider getting Link’s Awakening if you happen to have not played it before, like me)

  7. ” I tried switching region to Brazil and it seems keying in credit cards worked there, although some games are almost twice as expensive compared to the US eshop.”
    Story of my gaming life. Being a brazilian gamer is not easy, mate.

    I intend to get a 3DS in the long run (especially since i need a PS4 to play MGSV). But frankly, the only game that interests me as of now is Pokemon X and Y.

    • Can’t you play MGSV on the PS3? Sure enough, you missed out on some awesome features, but should still be able to enjoy the main “meat” of the game. I just ordered a PS3 MGSV myself, waiting for it to arrive, lol.

      And I totally feel your pain, man.

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