Kai’s Question #6 – Sweaty Hands and It’s Effects on My Gaming Experience

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I have a medical condition since birth – it doesn’t interfere with my social and everyday life, but it does interfere with my gaming and technological life. From googling, I found out this medical condition of mine is called hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating on certain body parts; in my case, it’s on my hands. What’s worse, Brunei, the place where I live, is a naturally hot country, so my body, and especially my hands sweat very easily. Sometimes, I showered a multitude of times per day just to wash off the sweat.


I remembered when I was playing PS and PS2 back in the days when I was a kid. When I was holding the controllers, not even 10 minutes had passed, and my hands will be uncomfortably soaked with sweat. Constantly wiping them on my shirt or pants didn’t work, and even if I wash them, 10 minutes passed and the sweating will start again.

Not just limited to game consoles of cause, this annoyance emerged itself once again when I’m using a computer, or more specifically, when I’m required to hold the mouse, since I need an almost full contact from my palms in order to hold the mouse securely. However, I try to hold my mouse as loose as possible, so that there’s a small gap between the mouse and my palm. For some games which require heavy usage of the mouse however, this is close to impossible. There was one time when I was playing a game which require a lot of speedy flicking movements from my mouse, and when my hand slipped, the mouse humorously flew, yes, flew. If you’re wondering how I did that, it was because I was using a wireless mouse, which literally flew sky high due to my loose grip.

Furthermore, I also need to make sure to keep my devices clean at all time. Another embarrassing experience I had – there was a time I never clean my devices, and because of that, my mouse buttons jammed all of a sudden, only to realize that it was clogged with all my solidified sweat build up from several years.


In the later years, I find out that I was able to keep my sweating in check by keeping the room cool, and I’m talking about 18 to 20 degrees here, which is lower than even standard room temperature I believe. This was impossible to accomplish in my old house, since we were still using the older window air conditioner at the time, and additionally, I don’t have my own room too. I managed to keep my sweating in check more however after we moved to a new house, and got my own room, albeit a bit small.

Sometimes I couldn’t wait for the air to regulate though, and some of you might had seen my tweets complaining about how sauna-like my room was at times, causing sweating again. Recently, I pulled out even more tricks – bringing a portable fan into my room and blowing right into my direction, and also bringing a container filled with water so that I can dip my hands into it at any time. Although this, at this very least, somewhat solve my sweating issue when I’m in my room, there’s no way I can pull out these tricks when I’m on-the-go, which brings me to my next point – touchscreen.


Touchscreen became an iconic feature in the technology and gaming world. I’m sure those who are reading this post now, will have a smartphone or tablet at their possession. Even brands like Nokia or Sony Ericsson had also adopted the smartphone approach. Although my sweating makes it a bit hard to use them, in particular, it’s very difficult to swipe across the screen. As the backside of the hands are unusually smooth, and if you had seen me using my smartphone or tablet, you might caught me using the backside of my fingers (not sure how to properly call them, but specifically, the joints just above the knuckles) for swiping across the screen at times.

Admittedly, I rarely play smartphone games so I didn’t particularly mind. Although recently, I had been playing Love Live: School Idol Festival (a rhythm game, basically) and realized that when my hands are wet with sweat, the response of the touchscreen seems to weaken. I especially had trouble pressing consecutive notes in rapid rhythms. I know I certainly press them, but because the rhythms are so rapid, a portion of the notes ended up not registering. This also mean that my sweating also effects sensitivity on the touch screen, which mean I also might have problems with other games which might require rapid presses too.


So far the only game console I had which got touch screen features is 3DS, and I haven’t experienced that much problem with it fortunately. It probably has to do with the fact that a majority of the controls are still button-presses (that, and 3DS even has a stylus pen), unlike smartphones and tablets which rely more heavily on touch screen. Likewise, I would think there’s probably not much problem with the Vita either, with the inclusion of the button presses. Although I will be lying if I say I’m not worried if future developments in the gaming industry progresses in this touch screen direction…

If any of you had suffer from similar medical condition like me, and if you’re comfortable with sharing it – How are your experiences and how do you cope with it?

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17 thoughts on “Kai’s Question #6 – Sweaty Hands and It’s Effects on My Gaming Experience

  1. have had the same problem for as long as I can remember xD

    I’ve gotten better with it now though (probably because I don’t play as much as I used to), but occasionally I still get sweaty palms (I even get them sweaty just by holding on to something for a long period of time). Having something like a hanky or a hand towel near or with you helps.

    Keeping the room cool doesn’t work for me when it comes to gaming, especially touch screen games like LL:SIF (lol, add me up!) because my fingers end up feeling dry instead, I just wipe the screen before each song just in case.

    • Friend xD

      I tried a hand towel, handkerchief or anything of the like to wipe with but it wouldn’t help for me. Even if I managed to wipe off all the sweat after a *lot* of wiping, my hands after that will turn very dry, and if I’m swiping on my touch-screen, it feels as if there’s suction on my fingers, lol. Keeping the room cool works well for me, still doesn’t help if I’m out and the temperature is hot as well anyway, lol.

      About LL:SIF, sure :3 What’s your name?

      • It’s a constant battle my friend xD

        Yeah, I guess it’s a very tedious process to go through. In my case I tend to have no choice but just wiping the sweat off (it’s a real pain when I’m in the middle of writing something in pen, good thing I’m right handed, lol). Oh, you should also consider getting matte screen protectors for your devices if you haven’t already.

        yay~ :3
        my in-game handle there is ‘best kana’, but I think you can only search me by my id 683328351 :D

        • All my devices are matte screen, lol. And yea, certainly more smoother :3

          Okay. Currently, I’m having some issues wit my LLSIF, but I’ll be sure to add soon xD

  2. Being the medical student I am, I went away and looked up Hyperhidrosis. There’s a chance you already been to a doctor about it (and I have no idea how your medical system works) but there are certainly treatments available. If you don’t want to fork out for a visit then antiperspirant deodorants can also be applied to your hands and usually work quite well.

    You can also buy machines for a process called Iontophoresis which you can perform at home. With a few sessions a week it may be that your hands stop sweating altogether.

    From a non-medical perspective though, I can see how that would be a pain to deal with!

    • Actually, I had never been to a doctor about this, lol. I think it just a gene thing that I sweat more than normal. I actually had a friend back then in high school who seem to have a similar condition, although in his case, he sweats on his back, whereas, mine is on my hands. Also, there’s also a colleague of mine who also sweats profusely on his palms too, and considering he’s even almost 40 years old, I don’t think there’s any impending danger, at least, I hope not.

      And it honestly doesn’t bother me that much overall :-) Just had slight problems with it when I’m gaming. Though I will most certainly give your methods a try if it’s really starting to get annoying. Thanks!

  3. I don’t have sweaty palms but my thumbs (the join part from the thumbs to the palms) will start to hurt after an hour or so into a game. Since I usually play fighting games, sometimes I switch to using other fingers to press the buttons instead of the usually thumbing. That means I have to put the console down on a surface rather than holding it. It works like charm.

    • Now that you mention it, the thumbs do seem like it’s required in heavy usage in gaming (perhaps with the exception of PC gaming with keyboard/mouse controls). As far as I can remember, I don’t think I never had issues with my thumb, but now that I’m aware of, I should be careful, I guess :p

      “That means I have to put the console down on a surface rather than holding it. It works like charm.”
      I actually tried imagining doing that myself, but I think I will still use my thumb for analog sticks, lol. And I think I will still have to use thumbs either way for some games I play.

  4. I have sweaty palms, it doesn’t affect my gaming and technological activities, although it does bother me socially. Holding hands for too long is a no-no for me, so before it gets too sweaty, I would break it :(. It’s kind of the opposite of you right?
    Some people say that sweaty palms is somehow connected to having a heart disease in the future, don’t know if its’s true or not.

    • Hmm.. never seem to have much problem, as far as I can remember. Although perhaps it may had accounted to the fact that I wash my hands an abnormally lot when I’m out, so I was able to get my sweat to check on some manageable levels. I remembered one guy at work did mentioned about it when I shook his hands, though he didn’t seem to particularly mind.

      “Some people say that sweaty palms is somehow connected to having a heart disease in the future, don’t know if its’s true or not.”
      Now you’re kinda scaring me >_>

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  8. I have that problem too when playing love live. I got batter at it by propping my phone up on a few books so I don’t have to hold it to maintain airflow and I use my pointer fingers. But my problem is mainly in my feet and they generate a huge smell and I’m always worried people can smell it and then my feet are just soaked to the point where I can rip my slippers back and sweat will drop from them. It also makes it kinda hard to walk barefoot as I lose traction.

    • I have less of this problem on my feet, but man I feel you. It’s not really hindering our lives or anything it sure as hell can hinder some of our basic activities.

  9. omg i know this is such an old post but it really resonated with me as I’m someone who suffers with hyperhidrosis too and I play rhythm games like Proseka and Bandori 😭 and I live in Singapore which is super hot too :( i was really happy reading this blogpost! thankfully i’m not alone!! :’) sometimes my hyperhidrosis gets so bad and i’m so irritated by it but i cant really do anything about it :( i’ve tried using powder, antiperspirants, handkerchiefs etc and they dont really help so i’m just constantly affected by it sigh…..

    • Yeah, it’s not ideal but for me, I still find the good ol’ fan helps. Sucks when you want to play some rhythm game and you literally have to position your hands close to the fan instead of a possibly better seat. This is indeed a special kind of hell for those of us who live near the equator, lol.

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