3 Year Anniversary

mk2 maids

…which actually happened last month.

Now that when I think about it, how do people remember their own blog’s anniversary so accurately, precisely, every single year? It’s not like you are literally celebrating it with a birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday to You” to your blog, I know I don’t. Perhaps, it’s because my activity in aniblogging is pretty random, and with real life obligations, things like these pretty much slipped my mind. And no, I swear it’s definitely NOT because I had been too “busy” playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory to the point that I forgot about my own blog’s anniversary.

I could do some reflection now, but seeing as how this post started so awkward and embarrassing, I’ll just go all the way and post whatever the crap I want.

Some fanservices

yuriSome fanservices

In other news, and actually, a pretty grim one. I think my computer broke. I still need to troubleshoot it some more. I did a little bit of it and seeing how it still didn’t work, admittedly, I went into a brief escapism playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. If any of you are curious, the problem here is that my computer just seem to switch off by itself. I connected two monitors on mine, and found out that the computer can stay on when I only connect to one. However, some time ago (slightly just before I start playing Hyperdimemsion Neptunia Victory), I opened up my PS2 emulator just for a while and it switches off again, despite the fact that I only connected to one monitor. When I was playing my PS3, I had my computer connected to my alternative monitor (with my PS3 on the main monitor), though now that when I had switched back to the main monitor, it switches off by itself, despite not connecting multiple monitors, nor opening any games. Switching it back on, my monitor assaulted me with a RKO BSOD from out of nowhere:~


In other words, I’m screwed. I have a few ideas however, and my good friend, Moonlitasteria, had helped me troubleshooted and given me a few instructions I could do to see if I can solve the issue. Hopefully I can solve this though, if not, I probably won’t be able to watch much anime for a long while (I’m not watching anime from my “square” monitor, at the very least) until I buy another computer. Oh goodness, please save me, CPU.

"I'm busy!" Noire says.

“I’m busy!” Noire says.

Yup, I’m screwed.

Note: In a more serious announcement, yes, there is a possibility I might not be able to watch anime and even blog for a while-I need my computer for those. Please bear in mind that it’s just a “possibility”, I might be able to fix my computer, and I can always use my tablet/phone for anime and blogging, if push comes to shove.

Another Note: Aside from missing my own blog’s anniversary, it seems I also missed this year’s Secret Santa. Guess there’s not much I can do aside from waiting till next year…

ANOTHER Note: And also, Dean Ambrose VS Seth Rollins had to be one of the most awesome feuds I had ever seen in recent years.

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25 thoughts on “3 Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats on your three-year anniversary! I think WordPress actually notifies you when you’ve hit your anniversary, but you probably wouldn’t know it if you didn’t log onto WordPress that day.

    Anyway, here’s to three more years of blogging. Er… if you can get your computer sorted out, that is :P

    • I never really check those notifications much, but I guess I should. Maybe I would had taken a bit more of my notice if it actually said something like “Happy anniversary, Deluscar!” Or something.. xD

      Hopefully I can, though not looking too good atm.

  2. Congrats man! 3 years blogging, that’s pretty good. It’s not always easy, life can get in the way, but the fact you’re able to keep your blog up and running for 3 years, that’s pretty impressive. Most people at some point just get bored of it and give up, but it’s nice to see a blogger who has lasted for this long.

    I hope you continue to keep blogging in the future, that is if you’re computer keeps living that long.

    Congrats once again!

    • Thanks. I never even knew I could last this long myself, thought I would most probably give up pretty soon, but guess not, lol.

      Or use monies to solve all my problems and buy a friggin’ new one, we’ll see.

  3. Happy Anniversary, wasn’t it your 4th one last year ?
    I always know my date, because of my incoming webspace bill XD

    I think it is a hardware error, maybe your graphic card died, or your power supply, it’s always hard to tell.
    In best case it’s just the monitor, since you have two, you can try out if the other one makes the same error on the pc.

    • Nah, not that old, at least, not yet, lol.
      So you need to pay money for your anniversary, what a horrible way to spend the occasion :-(

      Don’t know about my graphic card, but definitely not power supply, I changed it and it’s still the same. The odd thing is my other monitor can stay on, but seems to shut down itself after opening up some games.

  4. Happy anniversary big dog. Good choice of a game to enjoy while the PC was giving you trouble.

    I don’t remember how I overcame the “Blue Screen of doom” but you could try cleaning up your hard drive, basically uninstall some stuff. If that does not work then hopefully you can get it fixed some other way. It still pops up but once a blue moon.

    • Of cause, lol. I sure wish there are some goddess to save me too, but chances are, there are too busy eating cakes, or drinking tea, or napping.. or too busy coming up with lines for transformations like a certain goddess to care about my computer.

      The BSOD is a “sub”-problem coming from a string of problems, lol. My BSOD isn’t the main problem, but rather, the frequent auto-shutdowns.

  5. Dean Ambrose vs Seth could’ve been better. I mean, their indies persona could’ve done better, imo. XD then again I really hate WWE nowadays.

    and congrats on three years. I do suggest you get a cake when you hit five. and some confetti because its not a party without dem confetti. XD

    • I don’t know about that. Ambrose’s persona is pretty polished and Ambrose himself is a pretty good actor too. His character is shaping up to be a combination of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s badassery (admittedly, he still had a lot of work to get to his level though) and Jeff Hardy all-or-nothing style. Seth can performed satisfactorily on the mic, but his prowess is in-ring.

      Well I still have two more then, hopefully my computer will survive by then :x

  6. Congratulations on year number three! I remember all that time ago on Facebook writing about the new visual novels I was playing and you being like “Yep, read that one too.” XD Three years blogging is a major accomplishment in my eyes and I hope you continue to write the varied and interesting posts you’ve already come up with to date.

    On that other topic…eep! =O

  7. Congrats man. *gives Kai a cookie and a loli* :D
    I barely remember the exact date of my blog’s anniversary at this point. I just know the month, lol

    I’ve only BSOD’d once or twice (both on my laptop), and all I can share from that is that it really is a scary endeavor.
    On a side note: technically, I watch most of my anime on a “square” monitor :p

    • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, looooolllllli *pero pero* :p
      It’s easier to remember mine since it’s on the beginning of the month, though I still forgot about it anyway, lol.

      The BSOD is just another minor problem coming from a set of bigger problems, if you seen some of my previous comment above. My main problem is that my computer keeps automatically shutting down itself. Did almost everything in the books, changed power supply, cables, even tried different hard disk and ram, lol.

      About the monitor, it may be that I got too used to widescreen atm, and most anime I got are geared towards widescreen too, so it’s not really appealing for me to see those two black bars on a “square” monitor D:

  8. Interestingly enough, I get a notification whenever my blog anniversary comes up. For me though, it’s simple: remember the month, and check the date of your last few anniversaries. That’s how I know :D

    Whatever the case, welcome to rarefied air. You’ve cleared the two year hurdle thingy. Congrats!

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