Amaburi – A Little Confidence Goes A Long Way

This guy is a bastard, and we love him for it.

This guy is a bastard, and we love him for it.

Note: Slight spoilers in this post.

Amagi Brilliant Park, or Amagi, is an ongoing Fall anime which at the time of this post, had 12 episodes in total (still not sure what the 13th episode will be about since the 12th episode was already very conclusive). It has a really great character cast, and at the end, almost everyone is likable, but I would like to direct everyone’s attention to Kanye West Kanie Seiya.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 06 [AF309143].mkv_snapshot_18.25_[2014.12.21_14.45.32][Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 06 [AF309143].mkv_snapshot_18.28_[2014.12.21_14.45.42]

Seiya, the protagonist, to sum him up in one word, he’s frankly, cocky, and what’s more, he had skills, intelligence, athleticism and even the looks to back it up. Seiya looks like what happens when you combine frankness and arrogance to Oreki Houtarou. Such design for a main character is a little bit rare as far as such genres are concerned, and watching Seiya is actually pretty fun. In fact, I think his arrogance is what sets him to be such a great leader. Skills and talents are definitely important, but when you’re leading a huge group, a theme park pack full of staff at that, you need something else – you need charisma and confidence. Who would follow someone who does not even think highly of himself? In that way, Seiya’s skills and talents, his charisma, and his naturally arrogant personality; perhaps it’s just fate for him to be the new manager of Amagi Brilliant Park.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 02 [EEA5B675].mkv_snapshot_17.14_[2014.12.21_15.23.08]

However, Seiya’s only human, and he made a few wrong choices too. For example, in one episode, when a mechanic was asking him if he wanted one of the pumps fixed, he said to leave it and make do with the remaining ones. Turns out that’s a false move, as it puts too much load on the other pumps and cause some minor flooding later on during heavy rain.

There are also clearly times when Seiya showed his weak side too. Arguably, you can say he’s literally bluffing his way through to gain the respect of the staff, and his arrogance is just a facade, indicated as such when he revealed his past as a child actor to Sento. Also, during an earlier episode, the time when the Amaburi staff were at their last toes, Seiya jumped into the fray, and immediately talked everyone down while speaking highly of himself, proclaiming he can attract 250,000 guests in just three months. Seems like an impossible task, and it may very well be a fool’s errand. And in the end, Seiya admitted to Sento and Latifah he’s only bluffing, to let his confidence sparks some hope among the Amaburi staff, who were already giving up at that point.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 12 [DAD04255].mkv_snapshot_11.37_[2014.12.21_15.15.00]

It’s also interesting to note that Seiya isn’t something who lets his confidence gets the better of him. He is dedicated, and he works hard just like everybody else. He just has an unique personality that is slightly difficult to deal with, which ironically saves Amaburi in the end. Additionally, he’s also a developing character, and his speech, after Amaburi achieved it’s 500,000-guests goal, is an epitome of his development as a character – he still showed signs of arrogance, but he showed his gratitude to every staff members in Amaburi. He awkwardly, but successfully thanked all the staff members, which is a stark contrast from the Seiya we were familiar with at episode 1.


To that end, I think Amaburi really speaks the importance of having confidence especially when you’re in a leadership position. Even when in doubt, bluff, and bluff your way through and be confident!

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10 thoughts on “Amaburi – A Little Confidence Goes A Long Way

    • Not sure if the staff’s actually not dedicated or that just needed a good ringleader. They complain a lot (the 3 mascots, mostly, lol), sure, but it seems they can follow instructions just fine. They all have good, genuine intentions of wanting their park to do well too. In the end, I guess they just needed a blunt and decisive leader to guide them.

  1. I don’t think anyone can ignore Kanie even if they wanted to. He’s loud, egoistic and damn annoying. I initially thought he’ll be hard to watch because he thinks too highly of himself. Turns out, he’s not all that bad. He did pretty well in turning things around for the theme park and gaining respect from the staff. When situation calls for it, he humbles himself and asks for help as what happened in what I refer as the final episode of AmaBuri, which unfortunately is called the 12th episode officially… Seriously, what’s with the 13th episode?

    • I see it as just being confident. Despite that, he does works hard and devoted. Even the famous egoistic scene when he was talking down everyone else in the beginning was just a front. And that 12th episode is definitely great, it’s a clear sign of a developed character. For one, asking for help is something near unimaginable from the Kanie several episodes back.

      About the 13th episode, it seems more like an OVA than an actual episode, but it’s a pretty fun episode nonetheless, lol. I had some good laughs with it.

  2. His arrogant act was mainly pretending in front of the employee’s to increase their moral.
    They were slacking quite a lot, so much that whole park would have crumbled in few more years.
    He started to become likable very soon, I actually think that he is a nice guy, who saves cute princesses in need and takes responsibility on his position. It was fun to see him getting all soft to thank his employee’s, an arrogant ass wouldn’t have thanked anyone XD

    • Yea, pretty much :p
      They have good intentions though, and I’m sure as hell they didn’t really want the park to close down either deep down. Aforementioned in one of my previous comment, they just needed a good ringleader.

      Indeed. At that point, he’s a pretty developed character, so it was nice to see him actually showing gratitude :-) He did get made fun of, but at least he did it!

  3. I think the main-appeal of his character is that his arrogance and egoism is matched by his need to actually meet the standards he loudly sets for himself. It’s like watching a gambler who makes risky bets and then you watch him trying to win the game in the end despite the risks he is taking. With Kanie his arrogance is like a bet that he’s making. He tries to show himself as much as the world around him that he isn’t as flawed as he secretly fears he is. Whenever he’s shown being more human, his weak moments mostly end up being confessions as if his narcissism and ambitious behavior is a way for him to forget how flawed he actually is. At least, that’s what it seemed like to me.

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