Merry Christmas!


Not sure what time it is for all of you right now, but it’s just past 12AM here, so I will just take the chance here to greet everyone Merry Christmas! This year’s Christmas is pretty uneventful though. I missed out on the 12 Days of Christmas post (though one of the reason is more because I couldn’t think of anything unique to write) and also the Secret Santa (this, I genuinely regret missing). Stepping outside of internet and blogging, it’s even worse:

Negativity during festivals is my thing. Kai X Suffering. Frog-kun’s gonna love this.

Jokes aside (for the record, the tweet’s no joke, it’s seriously happening); Once again, have a Merry Christmas to you. I guess I can spend the night playing this song on Project Diva:

Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg. I’m so glad I still have my PSP.

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10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas, Kai! And whoa, that’s pretty freaky about the officials taking down Xmas decorations. Hope it doesn’t ruin the Christmas mood for you! Hope you have a lovely day :)

    • Yea, I would discuss it some more if I could, but anymore I think is going to be a bit sensitive. Feel free to e-mail me though if curious :p

      And thanks, you too.

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