Here’s to Another New Year


It’s 2015! Happy New Year guys!

..Though I can’t say 2014 had been treating me well personally.

My waifus are worried.

My waifus are worried.

Due to a recent policy introduced in my country, certain strict laws had been passed around the country, which is kinda extreme. It’s one of the reason why economy had went down the drain and it’s difficult for me to move to a new company even if I wanted to. Also, they had govern a lot of control during festival seasons. For one, in this year’s Christmas, decorations around the place had been taken down (unless the shop or company is lucky enough to avoid “surprise checks” by government officials), and fireworks aren’t even allowed anymore. This may be a reason why this year feels more quieter than usual. When I opened my windows and looked around expecting fireworks, I get nothing but mosquito-buzzing sound. So dull…

[Leopard-Raws] Psycho-pass 2 - 05 RAW (CX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_17.02_[2014.12.26_16.30.04]

Honestly though, 2014’s been pretty tough for me, both at work and personal life.

My computer even broke down too, what was that atrocity? I don’t think I ever said anything much after that, but if you’re still curious, my current biggest suspicion is my graphic card-I noticed it going over 100 degrees when I was playing a game, which I assume was what causing the automatic shutdowns. When I checked with my local shops, one of them don’t do special orders, and another said they need one to two months for the graphic card to arrive, and there’s no way I can hold out that long.

So I just bought another computer like a boss.


Though, looking back, it’s not such a bad year. One of the best damn thing that happened in 2014 was discovering my love for Vocaloid, thanks to Project Diva F. I had developed a habit of checking out random Vocaloid videos since then-songs and MMDs alike. And as far as my music goes, my new computer has nothing but Vocaloid music in it. I’m becoming a more cooler and prideful fan as time passes on.. where’s my sunglasses again?

Not a sunglasses, but I will be hard-pressed to achieve the same level of manliness as Yu's.

Not sunglasses, but I will be hard-pressed to achieve the same level of manliness as Yu.

Anyway, my plans for 2015, at least for my blog, remains clear-try to blog more and actually write more posts. Probably wise not to make any major plans and just simply try to blog more for now, it just seems like activity on my blog had went down the drain as well, compared to before. I would love to get more of my backlog done too, especially on the gaming side, which is growing bigger and bigger everyday. I’m slaying the massive monster that is Bravely Default for now, and even with my 10-days holiday, I’m still not close enough to getting it done anytime soon (and at the time of this post, I’m already halfway through my holiday). Guess I can leave this for 2015.

Also, not sure if anyone of you had noticed it by now, but I would like to tell everyone I’m no longer updating my deluscar page on Facebook. I feel like interface-wise, it just doesn’t work with what I prefer, as compared to Twitter and Google+. Also, I had updated my “About” page. I would love to update some of my descriptions of my favorite lists as well, since my writing style as compared to back then seem to have changed (“seem”, because I’m a poor judge of myself), but for some reason, I have a knack for procrastinating as far as updating pages is concerned.

Also, I have some surprises tomorrow to celebrate for the new year, look forward to it, will you?

Other than that, I believe I don’t have any major resolutions for 2015. Yea, really, unless wanting to learn this technique for self-defense counts:-


In any case, once again, happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had fun with their holidays.

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12 thoughts on “Here’s to Another New Year

    • Of cause, the world is becoming a more dangerous place by the minute. I should train that technique until I can stop a rifle bullet with my butt.

  1. Heard Bravely Default was somewhere around 75hrs trying to get everything done normally going through it …so yeah, that will keep you busy for sometime. Happy New Year and hope you have a good one.

    • Actually, I already hit 70 hours by now. I may had spend a little too much time grinding for exp/money, but still, lol. Also, I just bought Liberation Maiden off the eshop for about $2 :p …And another song from Curtain Call.

  2. I kind of understand your pain as computer hardware can be temperamental as one of my laptops had a good amount of problems and I had to take it to the store numerous times before it got replaced. But, aside from that, I hope that 2015 will be better and Happy New Years,

    • That moment when you want to save money, but ended up spending near $1000 just to replace your broken computer D: Then again, not sure how much you bought your laptop for.

      Thanks. You too.

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