Kyouko Fujiwara – Another New Mascot for Deluscar


To celebrate for the new year, I have another mascot for deluscar!

Kyouko is the stoic, gun-toting maid working for the Kougetsu household, serving Ran, Rin and any other important Kougetsu family members. When she is not busy doing housework chores, she is busy shooting down terrorists, saving people and protecting my blog from harm.

While maids are always associated with loyalty and obedience, I thought it’s interesting to give the archetype a spin by giving her firearms and combat skills. Ninja maid, as tvtropes would call it. Admittedly, this is, at this point, not the most original of idea, especially with badass maid characters like Roberta and Sakuya already out there, but it’s still an interesting spin in my opinion.

As usual, to know more about her, feel free to check out her profile page. Incidentally, I think this will be the last mascot for deluscar until further notice. I will still commission for illustrations though, very sporadically, at least.

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10 thoughts on “Kyouko Fujiwara – Another New Mascot for Deluscar

  1. Do you always randomly think of a new mascot you wanted or is there an inspiration for the characters? I could never get around thinking up my own mascot.

    • Not sure about inspiration, so more along the lines of “randomly think of a new mascot” I guess. It helps that I already have a vague idea of what I already want prior too. Also, I have a lot of time to think too since even getting one artwork done can sometimes be pretty slow.

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