[Indie Manga Impressions] Silvertongue 30XX: Space-Time District Attorney

ss+(2015-01-05+at+07.33.40) I was asked to write a review on an indie manga sometime ago, but since I only write reviews on completed media, I opted for an impression instead.

Silvertongue 30XX: Space-Time District Attorney follows the story of Silvertongue Hernandez and a rat-pack of time-travelling lawyers, specialised in revisiting (or more like crashing), so-called “Trials of the Century” throughout space-time. Silvertongue, a selfish, dark, ego-centric, womanizer and addict, will encounter the most bizarre of adventures in search of Reality 2; a parallel multi-verse he and his motley crew are carefully crafting, which will possibly mean salvation for us all. Or, will it?
~Synopsis from LittleNando

To be frank, at the moment, it’s actually difficult to make heads nor tails out of the story. It does has an intriguing setting-might be tricky to pull off, of cause, but will be great when executed right. It also doesn’t help that the pacing is moving about at breakneck speed. While that could be fine, but the narrative lacks coherence, and can can sometimes be hard to follow. For one, I know this manga will involve time travel, but since when they have superpowers?

I do appreciate the focus concentrated on the settings, it seems like a lot of thoughts had went into it. The idea of a “time-limited” trial in a train makes for an interesting alternative to standard trials. The train itself-“Bulldozers” also had a lot of detailed functions and the author clearly went into a lot of troubles to solidify all the details. I assume future cases would take place or at least involve the Bulldozers again, so the attention to details is a nice set-up to future cases.


Perhaps it also had something to do with the quick pacing, but sometimes it’s also difficult discern any sort of purpose for certain characters. Maralah, for example, is a key witness whom I could had sworn would had some sort of significant impact on the trial. There were slight build-ups at least, which hints at her importance. But in the end, it seems she was merely forgotten on the grand scheme of things-I thought she would at least speak a bit on the actual trial. There was also one scene where Indio was about to take the helm, so to speak, as Hernandez was away, and while it will be interesting to see how Indio would handle the case as opposed to Hernandez, that “hint” was also kinda pointless in the end, as early as next page, Hernandez was already back into the courtroom with a major revelation. Another thing of notice is Hernandez’s obsession with coffee. While I do love character quirks, this is a clear case of over-abusing them. It’s to the point that Hernandez was obsessing over coffee even in the courtroom, running over an empty mug. While sometimes quirks can make a character likable, this actually has an opposite effect. If this aspect of his characterization is toned down a bit so as not to appear obnoxious, I think his character appear at least a little bit more likable.

Art-wise, I love the details given to the backgrounds. I can’t say I the art for the characters are working for me, though it works with this kind of story. It also has a problem with the “same face syndrome”, to the point that sometimes it can get slightly difficult trying to figure out who is who for first-time readers.

Overall, I just think Silvertongue 30XX has a great idea in theory. One of the reason why I never review unfinished media is because it’s hard to review it when the good segments of the story aren’t even happening yet. This is a clear case with Silvertongue 30XX, as I think I’m more interested in the overarching “time-travel” as described in the synopsis. So far, nothing major is happening in regards to that, other than the fact that they are jumping into certain time periods to win cases (if I follow it right). It will be interesting to see the time travel elements integrated more into the trials in future volumes. One thing I noticed after I had pieced together my words for this post-I feel like story-wise, the author is trying to accomplish too much in the span of one volume. The idea behind the story is interesting, tricky to pull-off, but ambitious. With the right pacing and developments will do the manga some justice.

P.S: You can read the manga here.

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