3DS Musings – So Much for Portability


I had always been more of a Playstation person than a Nintendo. I rarely buy Nintendo consoles anymore, and 3DS was my re-entry into the Nintendo family after a lengthy absence. At first, I thought 3DS has a larger game library than Vita, hence my choice. But since I’m not a keen follower of Mario, Zelda and even Pokemon (yes, yes, surprise), I had to ask…

Why did I buy the 3DS again?


Yes, yes, laugh at my expense. Impulse buying is scary, huh? The worst part to this is because of Nintendo’s.. “over-innovative” style, so to speak-it has a lot of odd functions, yet the functions we expected it to have coming from a new-gen console, they aren’t there…

For one, I find it odd how you can’t talk to your FC friends. I can’t use Mii much myself, since it requires Streetpass, and I have close to no people to Streetpass with me since not many people owns a 3DS here; and swapnote’s service had been taken down as far as I had noticed. Though there’s a function 3DS has that I really like-earning Play Coins by walking around in real life. Just put your 3DS in standby, walk (or drive, fly, whatever works. I think it just needs motion) for awhile, and you can use the Play Coins you earned in Mii Plaza or the games which support it. It’s a nice little feature which makes your real-life turn into a little fun RPG adventure. It’s innovative and fun… until I found out about a certain issue.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that I bought most of my games digitally in the eshop. Since my town barely stocks up on games, I thought it’s a good idea, turns out it’s not as good as I thought. The main problem here-3DS does not support account-based transfer for games and saves, unlike Playstation. There’s a manual option for you to transfer when you got another 3DS with you, but that’s only useful when you actually buy a new 3DS (not to be confused with the “New 3DS”. Honestly, Nintendo, what an original name).

Until today, I still grimace over the fact that Nintendo (I presume Wii, Wii U as well) does not support account-based transfer, which pretty much should be common sense. I just don’t like how the games are tied to your 3DS. So to that end, you’re literally screwed if your 3DS is broken, lost or stolen. I’m not sure if future firmware updates will fix this but from what I can see-very unlikely. One solution is to NOT bring your 3DS anywhere and just leave it at your home. But whatever happened to the “portable” of the portable consoles? Furthermore, this also makes the Play Coins feature completely pointless, which is unfortunate, since I honestly found it to be a pretty fun feature. Of cause, I can still bring it with me if I want to, but I need to face the risks if so. Every time I go out with my 3DS, I feel like I’m walking around with a ticking time bomb, turning my “RPG” into a psycho-thriller.


This, coupled with the fact that I don’t really follow Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or any other major Nintendo franchises just put salt to my wound. It’s not all pain and suffering though, at least. There’s the Ace Attorney Dual Destinies which will NEVER be brought to the Playstation side, anyway, and I really had a lot of fun with Bravely Default at the moment.

And THIS, just justified my purchase anyway:



All these games, are more rooted to the Nintendo side, and realistically, I don’t see them being ported to Vita as well, which is.. also a bummer.

In the end, I guess I just have to buy both…

Anyway, I’m not sure if there’s anyone here who might be still buying from the eshop, but think twice about it if you do.

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16 thoughts on “3DS Musings – So Much for Portability

  1. I’m pretty sure my DS might win the award for the console with the most redundant feature. I own a 2DS, but it still has 2 cameras on the back to take 3D photos. Because logic. I absolutely adore Nintendo, but they’re really behind the times. I totally see where you’re coming from with being scared to take your 3DS outside. I’ve heard of some people managing to get their games back after losing/damaging their console, but only after a lengthy conversation with nintendo customer support. I rarely buy software on the eshop because of this, and regularly back up my SD card data onto my PC. It’s a pain in the butt, although the fantastic library of games mainly makes up for it. The fact that you can’t communicate with your friends through the device is also incredibly annoying. I shouldn’t need to text somebody to ask them for a match on smash or a pokemon battle. But as much as I like to complain about them, Nintendo just shut me up by bringing out some incredible new release. I’m already hyped as heck for the new Fire Emblem game.

    • Yea.. my 3DS too.. xD And it’s kinda funny, lol. Every since I got the 3DS, I don’t think I had ever once toggled on the 3D, waste battery and my eyes hurt looking at it anyway. Not sure about the 3D photos, but I don’t think I’m ever going to need 3D photos anyway.. lol.

      I honestly don’t want to experience that again. I experienced something similar with one of my mobile game and contacted the staffs to recover my account back. I did get my account in the end, but it took more than a month, lol. How do you back up SD card data onto the PC? Do you just take out the SD card and backup files on the PC? Yeah, I do agree that 3DS has a nice library of games, enough even for me whose not a follower of Nintendo famous franchises.

      Yea, “Shut up and take my money”, and the likes xD

      And I still haven’t got the time to play Fire Emblem Awakening, lol. Still need to get Persona Q…

  2. I own a Nintendo 3DS when it first come out since I do follow Nintendo and I admit that I only use it to play Pokemon and a few Nintendo only games, but oddly enough, my 3DS mostly collect dust nowadays since the Vita has a lot of Japanese games that I’m interested in and it’s not region locked. To me, it seems that there is a lot of JRPGs and Anime licensed video games on the Playstation platform than Nintendo. Plus, I now own a Vita TV, so I can play on a big screen (if compatible) and then when I’m on the go, I can just take out my memory and game card, put them in the Vita and continue playing. A bit clunky since I don’t have PS Plus. Of course, it’s hard to capture anything with the 3DS since it does not allow you to hook it up to the TV or take snapshots.

    While Sony had some missteps with the Vita, I still think it’s a better console than the 3DS. To me, the 3DS is better if choice if one is learning Japanese since they have a lot of games with Furigana. Still, there are a few Japanese games on the 3DS I want to play, so I probably end up getting a Japanese New 3DS when I start working.

    • Yea, it’s good to pick up on 3DS if you follow the Pokemon games. The region lock is definitely problematic too, and I had my fair shares of problems with it, lol. Not much now though, since I don’t play unlicensed/untranslated Japanese games much. Yea, if you’re a fan of anime/JRPGs, Vita has a hell lot of them, and even if 3DS has these “anime” games, they will mostly be super deformed, lol. Are there a lot of games compatible with Vita TV atm? And yeah, I forgot to mention too, not being able to take snapshots is also weird not to have. I can’t believe how many times I wanted to take snapshots and post it on Twitter or something, lol. I believe few selected games do have this feature though (not the Twitter, just the snapshots), like Animal Crossing if I’m not mistaken, but I would had hope for it to be more universal.

      From what I can see, I think I agree that Vita is definitely the better console. There are a lot of VNs on Vita though, so I don’t think Vita’s that far behind as far as learning Japanese go. Maybe by that time, there will be a “New New 3DS” or “4DS” or something, lol.

      • I have stated the compatibility when I shared my thoughts about the Vita TV on my sideblog. Basically, all the games that does not exclusively use the touchscreen and camera will work with it. But from my experience, most of the JRPGs, but all will work (of course, VNs will work there too since no touch screen is necessary). There are some Anime licensed games that doesn’t such as the Love Live Paradise, Monster Monpiece and Ciel no Surge, but that is a small fraction of my library.

        Considering Nintendo’s extremely misguided policy with Youtube with them only allowing people upload footage of a small number of games, my distain towards them along with their region locking policy grows even though I like some of their games. It’s kind of unfortunate, but I do hope that Nintendo will get with the times eventually and not only change their youtube policy, but allow people to gain access to the games they bought digitally to a number of consoles just like Sony and get rid of region locking.

        • Hmm, gonna check if my local stores here sell them. Do you think it’s recommended for someone who never play a Vita before to jump straight to Vita TV?

          Oh, I heard about the youtube issues too, lol. Altogether, there’s the multiplayer issues, Swapnote, youtube, region lock, seems like Nintendo really have their own fair share of issues.

          • If you don’t see yourself playing any games that doesn’t use the touch screen or camera functions and prefer playing on a big screen, maybe it’s a better choice. I got it because I want to record or possibly stream Vita games and since most of my games except a few work with it, I decided to get it although I had to work around the HDCP protection.

            But for those who want to play games that require the touch screen or you want portability, go for the Vita instead… I still use mine once in a while when I’m on the go (I have the one with the OLED screen).

            • Hmm.. one of the Vita games I’m planning to play, Dangan Ronpa 2, does use touch-screen. I also like portability, actually. But, thanks, I’ll think about it, but I will most probably go for the Vita route. Heard the memory cards are pricy as fuck btw, lol.

  3. My DS sits in the back of a cupboard, slowly rotting away as it is confronted by the sheer mind-blowing level of its disuse. I’ll buy something for it eventually, but we all know Nintendo doesn’t really do sales…

    • I assume it’s full of cobwebs atm. Spiderman-themed 3DS!

      That’s also the other reason I buy games from eshop, lol. They periodically have sales on games I want-Atlus especially, have a lot of them throughout the year. I don’t know how many times I had seen games like SMT, Conception and Devil Survivor on sale already.

  4. Our plight is real xD

    I rarely take my 3DS XL with me when I go out. And when I do, it’s usually in a hard pouch inside my bag (which doesn’t sync up well with the internal pedometer). Even then I only take it out at indoor (or at least roofed) places. So yeah, for the most part my 3DS has been played more times at home than outside.

    Primary reason for me is because it’s particularly bulky, and carrying it around for a while is a bother. Close second is what you mentioned; lack of a manageable account (or at least access to the internal memory for back-up purposes). Lastly, and I guess it’s a thing of preference on my end; I don’t really want to play RPG/J-RPG’s on the go, and that’s my entire game library (I say ‘library’ but I have like 4 games, lol).

    Nintendo has seen better days during the GameBoy Advance era, but in my very biased opinion, the PSP still holds up as the better ‘Portable’ handheld gaming console.

    • I’m also especially hardcore when it comes to my 3DS. When I first bought it, I ended up buying a silicone case from ebay (not sold here, at least didn’t see any), and then covers it with a pouch again when I go out, lol. A bit hard to pull it out since the pouch isn’t specially made to accommodate the silicone case as well.

      Yea, I missed the days when I can just slip in my PSP into my pockets, lol. I bet I can do that with the Vita too due to similar size and design. About not wanting to play RPG on the go, I can understand that, lol. It can get slightly inconvenient at times when you’re actually progressing along the story. I usually just grind on the go though, that, and I make sure to have a few games perfect to play on the go like Curtain Call :p Senran Kagura would be nice to play on the go too, at least from a gameplay perspective.. I’m not too sure if I want to do that though, lol.

      I can attest to that, but that’s a different gen-console. Ultimately, I’m thinking Vita.. :p

  5. And no Monster Hunter 3u 4u? D: <
    You suck, anw going to get MH4u tomorrow, feel free to contact me and we can online to help you if you want, my MH3U has around 700hours of gameplay xD

    • Nope. No internet multiplayer puts me off. Local is useless, nobody owns a 3DS here >_>

      I know M4u has online multiplayer but don’t think I’m getting it that fast yet, lol. Wanna save my monies for teh Miku :/ (which will be released around March, I think)

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