Rin Group Commission Poll


Kirei: My Rin is BEST GIRL.
Producer: No, MINE.

I’m a commissioner, I’m someone who has a thousand of images in his mind which I really want to visualize, but due to time and money, couldn’t get them done as fast as I hope. One of my many ideas for a commission, was to feature my own mascot, Rin, in a group commission with Rins from other anime.

Rin is an extremely common name, and if I get this done, it will be funny when I introduce the picture. “All the characters in this picture are Rin, Rin and Rin!” Admittedly, I’m doing this mostly for the joke, but still.

Thing is, there are obviously a lot of Rins out there, and I’m not sure which Rin should I choose. So I come up with the idea of a poll, and it’s also a good time to try it out anyway, as I never once used the poll since the first day I started blogging. Note that when I finally start getting this commission done, I will still make the final decision, but I will definitely make my consideration based on this poll.

All the ones I had put up in this poll, are the ones off the top of my head at the moment, and are also ones which are in consideration to be in the commission, considering I like the anime (music for one of them) they are from. For the record, I’m looking for (including my own Rin) three or four total. As mentioned in the poll, please specify in comments if you vote “Others”.

EDIT: Stickied until further notice.

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13 thoughts on “Rin Group Commission Poll

  1. You forgot to add Rin Matsuoka..lol.
    But really I am struggling between Love Live’s Rin and Cinderella Girls’ Rin. One is super adorable and surprisingly hot for a skinny cutie and CG Rin is the sexiest of the Rins listed here. I am literally torn.

    • I know you meant that as a joke, but just for the record (since I didn’t mention it in my post), no Rin guys, lol. No Free’s Rin, no Ao no Exorcist’s Rin, no Togainu no Chi’s Rin and so on :p

      One is cute and adorable while the other is cool and sexy. Fair analysis. Also, they are both awesome idols.

  2. Rin is win! It’s strange that I like nearly every anime girl called Rin you’ve listed a lot, except Kagamine haha.
    Tohsaka and Shibuya have similar looks actually. I don’t know about a certain favorite though ^^

    I choose… Rin XD

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