Reverse Step: Watching Love Live! Season 1

I like Love Live, but admittedly, it’s through LLSIF and fandom engagement which led me to my fondness for the Love Live franchise. This unofficial engagement of the series is one of the reason Love Live is not just such a great anime-but a great franchise. Iblessall over at Mage in a Barrel certainly feels the impact of fandom engagement too, something which he wrote about in detail on his post, and puts it way better than I ever could.

Mage in a Barrel

A brief summary of my history with the Love Live! franchise: some months back, very soon after I started writing for the Crunchyroll Newsletter, I got tapped to do a little review of Love Live! 2. Now, at this time I had barely heard of the franchise, but I wanted to get writing, so I wrote the piece. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Skip to the present and I’ve watched all of season 2 and spent countless hours with Love Live! School Idol Festival (the franchise’s mobile rhythm game), but I still hadn’t seen season one. Until now.

Love Live!

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