Musings on Project Diva F 2nd


I got this game awhile ago, and while I’m admittedly a slow-player, I finally managed to play this to a degree that I’m willing to dedicate one whole post about it. Bear in mind this isn’t a review, just some things about the game I want to talk about.

For those unfamiliar, the Project Diva series is a series of Vocaloid rhythm games. While I felt pretty neutral about the medium despite heavily talked about in the fandom, Project Diva F, the series’s previous localized game, was what finally propelled me into a Vocaloid fan.


Joining the Vocaloid bandwagon (and I assume any heavily fan-reliant series like Touhou, KanColle and so on) can be a tricky thing though, or at least it was for me, but what finally turned me into a Vocaloid fan was playing Project Diva. Not listening to random songs you find in the net, and not looking up random pictures or whatsoever; although these two are definitely great way to casually join in the fandom, but as a way for a non-Vocaloid fan who doesn’t know a single thing about it? That’s a poor way to try joining in the bandwagon, and from a personal experiences, it was a failed endeavor for me, but instead, playing Project Diva essentially did it for me. For every series, there is always a source, or sources, reasons as to why the series is so popular, and in Project Diva, we are straightaway diving into these sources-extremely popular Vocaloid songs which are the few sources to propel the Vocaloid medium to fame. Indeed, what I like about the Project Diva series is that it’s pretty much an official recommendation for Vocaloid’s top hits.

By that standard though, I personally think Project Diva F 2nd is even better than it’s predecessor, the best even; whether if you’re a first-time gamer of the series, or a first-timer in the Vocaloid world-Project Diva F 2nd is designed to catered for such introductions. There is also an option to toggle the lyrics between English/romaji, which is a great option since lyrics is an incredibly powerful tool in Vocaloid.


But most important of all though, Project Diva F 2nd also feature old songs way back during the PSP era (Project Diva started with the PSP, which are all unlocalized unfortunately, Project Diva F on the PS3/Vita was the very first localized game and is already the fourth entry in the series), especially with the likes of “World is Mine” and “Kokoro” joining the default song selection-are two must-listen tracks. I’m not sure for past DLCs, but Project Diva F 2nd has a very solid DLC selection of other classic hits from past PSP games, since the default tracklist is obviously not enough to fit them all. And for those who had never once play the PSP games before, they don’t need to-they can just buy the DLCs here and play them-in High Definition with newly-added scenes too, so that definitely is a plus. Project Diva F 2nd also made it easy by putting up a “Song Club” DLC, which automatically include existing and upcoming DLC songs if you buy it. Some songs from the DLC selection like “Kocchi Muite Baby”, “magnet”, “Yellow”, “Rolling Girl”, “Although Songs Have no Form” are all previous classic hits which are definitely a must to check out.


Not to say the new songs are unwelcome though, in fact, veterans of the series would had probably prefer more new songs. One very noteworthy song is “Kagerou Daze”, which if any of you watched Mekakucity Actor and is familiar where it’s adapted from, it’s that same song from Kagerou Project, only this time, it’s the rendition of the same scene with Miku in it. “Cantarella ~Grace Edition~” is a nice re-arranged violin version of the original one in the PSP. “Hello, Worker” is a nice, relatable song for those in the working community. “This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee” is one of those crazy songs reminiscence of “Sadistic Music Factory” from Project Diva F. “Meteor” is just lovely to listen to, and last but not least, “DECORATOR” is a pretty much an instant-gratification type of song (it has a pretty damn fun PV too!)


From a gameplay standpoint, Project Diva F 2nd is the culmination of what worked in Project Diva’s original gameplay concept, honed to perfection. The game is incredibly challenging, and great for gamers who are in it for some challenge, and first-time players of the series are really recommended to try with the Easy mode first. I could had sworn some of the Normal difficulty songs are on par with Extreme difficulty of previous games, and as early as Normal, you will probably already need to dish out some tricks veterans of the series probably had mastered-alternating between face and directional buttons-an incredibly useful trick when the notes are just too fast. The star notes which seem poorly implemented in the first Project Diva F, finally looks like it had become it’s own thing by Project Diva F 2nd, and they feel more naturally in place than before.


There are a lot of great outfits, and the Live Studio and Photo Studio are back and better than ever (mostly apply to the former here since I seldom fiddle with the latter). The Diva room is also just as fun and there are a lot more interactions with it than before-for one, there are more than one mini-game you can play with the Vocaloids if I remember right, you can view item events (sometimes involving more than one Vocaloid) and sometimes they would even want to renovate their rooms themselves.


So in the end, I guess what I’m trying to point out is, friggin’ buy this game, especially if you like rhythm games and had been wanting to join in the Vocaloid bandwagon like me. Even if you don’t really care for the Vocaloid medium though, Project Diva F 2nd by itself is a fantastic rhythm game.

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8 thoughts on “Musings on Project Diva F 2nd

  1. I suck at rhythm game but I had the first Project Diva in my game file. My sister played it and she’s incredible at it. She unlocked sh*t and stuff while I fumbled my way finishing MELT or whatever. Did the new game feature IA? Are the Kagerou Project songs ever included?

    • It does takes practice. Just try with the easier difficulties and work your way up, lol.

      For this, no. Project Diva is strictly a Cryptonloid game. Though there is another upcoming Vocaloid game on Vita called IA/VT Colorful which will feature IA (not sure if there will be any other Vocaloids from Vocaloid 3). For IA/VT, a lot of KagePro songs are in it, mostly the IA ones though.

      • oh, believe me. I practice but I just suck at games that require so much hand eye stuff. I’m mostly a tactical RPG guy. I suck badly at Tekken games, I onced had to ask my sister to help with this stupid mini game in Metal Gear where you had to button mash the O button to keep Snak alive and my hand isn’t fast enough. I’ve played a lot of JRPG games though from FF to Tales to Suikoden to Summon Night to Valkyria Chronicles and everything in between.
        Wait, so the Project Diva games mostly include all the same cast? I really like IA though. Isn’t she a vocaloid? That IA/VT game sounds cool though. I would play Ayano’s Theory of Happiness mainly because it has a slow tempo. mwahahaha

        • I’m not really good with the hand eye coordination thing too, lol. I’m also mostly a RPG guy though over the years I had begun to appreciate other genres more.

          “I onced had to ask my sister to help with this stupid mini game in Metal Gear where you had to button mash the O button to keep Snak alive”
          Must be the torture one. For some reason, it’s a thing for almost every MGS entry.

          I played a lot of FF and Suikoden, two of my favorite RPG series. I only played VC1 and still slogging through VC2, also just started Atelier Rorona Plus, lol.

          Yup. Just the usual suspects of Miku, Luka, Kaito, Meiko and Rin/Len, but you can get additional DLC characters like Neru, Haku and Teto. And IA is a Vocaloid, yea, just that she isn’t Cryptonloid, so she’s not in any of the Project Diva games (since Project Diva is a Crypton/Sega game).

          I would play IA/VT too, if it’s localized, even more so. Just need to get the damn Vita already, lol.

          “I would play Ayano’s Theory of Happiness mainly because it has a slow tempo. mwahahaha”
          You’re in luck.

          • Yes, the torture scene. Snake was caught and he was getting zapped by a prodding stick or something and you had to mash the button to make him live. I played peacewalker in the PSP and got hooked on the series. I got my feet sweating fighting that The End (or something) after i played the PS2 games then rage quit a decade late at psychomantis. Haha
            I’m actually playing VC3 now. I’m taking the slow grind route though but I can tell ya Avan, as a lead, sucks.
            oh my, those list of songs is making me wish I can play rhythm games. It even got some Ishifuro songs. *drools*

            • Yea, I remember doing that in MGS 1 too, but after that, when you’re inside the jail, you can lay down and spill ketchup on you tricking the security to open the door thinking you’re killed. That was pretty fun, lol. Peacewalker is awesome, but the bosses are pretty damn hard, and controls on the PSP is weird, lol. Though Peacewalker improved the control scheme leaps and bounds compared to Portable Ops.

              The End is a pretty fun sniping boss fight! It wasn’t too hard for me, but then again, I’m playing most of the MGS games in Easy or Normal mode… so yea… lol. I like how fourth-wall breaking the boss fight with Psychomantis was. MGS bosses are awesome.

              I can’t say I’m really attached to VC2 cast, lol. Pretty cookie cutter characters, and I’m not sure about the school setting too, but being able to grind is a great improvement. I can’t believe how many times I wanted to grind in VC1, lol.

              Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with most of the producers in the tracklist, but I’m looking forward to playing Jin’s KagePro songs.

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