So I bought a Vita…

This is my Vita. I'm probably going to change the case to a silicone type, since I'm not too big on crystal cases.

I’m probably going to change the case to a silicone type, since I don’t really like the look of crystal cases.

Yea, so I caved in and finally bought the Vita Slim. I had only been fiddling with it for a few days, and I have to say it had pretty much replaced my main gaming console (PS3) as of late, though that’s probably because I managed to finish most of my PS3 games and I haven’t been buying new games for it recently.

But nonetheless, I can see why Vita gets so much praise. I love the look of the OS. However, I’m not too big with the lock screen you need to unlock as soon as you switched on the Vita since it’s too much of a smartphone/tablet gimmick, but the design makes sense after noticing that you need to “peel” to close active apps. But other than that, the OS looks amazing.

Admittedly, since I bought the Slim version instead of the original, I don’t need to mess around with proprietary cables, as I can just connect a standard micro USB wires. It seems to charge just fine (though the orange light only comes out when the Vita is switched off), and if your USB wire supports data transfer, you can also use it for data transfer with your Vita, although you have to install Content Manager Assistant on your PC. With this, you can transfer pictures, videos and even backup your games.

Indeed, the luxury of not needing to mess around with proprietary cables is godsent, but that doesn’t stop from me from needing to buy a proprietary memory card anyway… I ended up spending an extra $60 buying a 16gb one. Also, I’m not sure if mine’s LCD version is any different from the OLED version of the old model, but as far as I can see, the difference isn’t easily noticeable so I’m fine with the downgrade, and the battery lasts longer with it anyway.

Comparing 3DS and Vita, I had always thought of Vita as a high-tech device with the common sense to implement functions which people actually use.. not sure why 3DS is lacking in that sense, other than being gimmicky. This helps tremendously especially with some advantages like region free and account-based transfer of games/saves. Also, Vita can actually take screenshots. The ability to live tweet, though the app doesn’t come as default and you have to get it off of the PSN store, is another godsent feature as taking screenshots and tweeting is something I do a lot. I can’t believe how many times I wanted to screenshot+tweet on 3DS but couldn’t, and the frustrating thing is that the console is more than capable of doing it if Nintendo is willing.

Some slight pet peeves I had with Vita is that you can only register one PSN account on it, unlike the PS3, but I can see where Sony is coming from. Of course I can always buy multiple memory cards for this, but that’s something of a possible future endeavor as I’m not in a rush to get that done. The other one is it’s battery life, even if the Vita slim model is designed to have more battery life than the original, I think Vita in general just slightly pales in comparison to 3DS’s. My Vita’s battery went completely dead when I was going on standby overnight downloading stuffs, and I don’t remember the same thing ever happening to my 3DS. In fact, the 3DS’s battery life is so strong I could had sworn it’s twice stronger than the official specs. I assume since 3DS is specially designed with 3D usage in mind, and because I always play with minimum brightness and 3D disabled-on a full charge, I can play my 3DS non-stop for almost a whole day (approximately from morning until about 7PM-8PM), pretty much the same as when I play TV console games on a weekend without any obligations.

Other than that, I think that’s about it. Unlike the 3DS, there’s honestly not much for me to complain about, though admittedly, I’m actually not done testing the functions, like taking photos, for one, nor the Party or Near functions.

I get most of my games digitally, but here's the two physical games I owned for now.

I get most of my games digitally, but here’s the two physical games I owned for now.

For now, these are the games I currently owned:
– Persona 4 Golden (physical)
– Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (physical)
– Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart
– Hyperdimension Neptunia PP: Producing Perfection
– Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
– Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit

It will probably take me forever to get to yours, but do you have any other recommendations?



Look at that Senran Kagura icon. So lewd.

Look at that Senran Kagura icon. So lewd.

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18 thoughts on “So I bought a Vita…

  1. As you already know, I already own a Playstation Vita (the first model) and it’s a good console. Of course, I own a lot of imported games for it (about 19 Japanese games for it) and even a Playstation Vita TV, which gets more use than the PS3 that it’s my next gen console since there is nothing worthwhile for me on the Playstation 4, until Idolmaster 3 comes out, which will probably not happen anytime soon.

    Of course, the Vita has been collecting some dust since I got myself a New Nintendo 3DS (Japanese version of course) and spent most of my time playing Yokai Watch 2 Shinuchi (which will probably won’t come out in the west anytime soon considering that Level 5 takes forever to localize anything) and it’s a pretty fun game. Also, the battery life is better on the new one… but aside from that game and a few others I want to try out, the Vita still has a better library. This reminds me that I have to finish my backlog, although I do plan to get the Vita version of Kantai Collection when it comes out.

    • Yea, I know you owned both 3DS and Vita much earlier than me, lol. I seem to remember there’s a few visual novels from the games you imported too but yeah, Vita being region free is certainly godsent huh? I still haven’t import any but if this upcoming IA/VT localization looks hopeless, I might just do it, lol. Gosh you have PS4 too? Not much games I want on PS4 yet either other than Victory 2 or maybe Omega Quintet.. and maybe FFXV, lol.

      Yea I remember you talking about that too. That new analog stick seems useful for Monster Hunter and maybe the upcoming Attack on Titan too. I remember the specs and battery’s certainly stronger, but as far as battery life, I’m more than satisfied with my current XL though. The only thing I’m really worried is Nintendo releasing more exclusive titles for the N3DS. KanColle’s not out yet? Oh well, it will certainly has my attention when it’s out too.

      • I don’t own a PS4 yet, and I don’t plan to anytime soon since there is not many games I want to play on it at the moment… But yes, outside of Sword Art Online, it seems that none of the Anime licensed games will never get localized outside Japan… I also find it strange that none of the Madoka games got localized considering how popular the franchise is outside Japan, but oh well.

        Yep, they delayed Kantai Collection Vita port until late August and there is not many releases I want to get yet at the moment.

        Aside from that, I have pretty much all the Neptune games and spinoffs except Action U (which I don’t care for), almost all the Atelier ports (except Escha and Logy Plus), Tales of Hearts R, Tales of Innocence R and so on… But in short, my PSN trophy profile has all the games I currently own and some have localized releases if you are looking for other games to play:

        • Ahh I see, wrong understanding on my part. It’s depressing, but not much can be done about it, lol. And is it? Yea, kinda weird since Madoka is such a popular franchise.

          I just checked and playasia is already accepting preorders, I’ll cross my fingers and hope there will be a localizations though.

          I’m interested in Action U actually, and also the upcoming Neptunia X Sega Hard Girls crossover. As for the Atelier ports, I actually got most of them on the PS3, but I’m thinking of getting Ayesha on Vita purely just for the JP voices, lol. I probably need to finish the Arland trilogy first though. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out soon.

  2. Wait, be sure to play Dangan Ronpa 1 before the second one! *ALL* the spoilers! (Or have you already gone through it via PSP fan translation or something?) Those are my favorite titles on Vita, and I’m looking forward to some of the visual novels coming out for it (Steins;Gate, Amnesia, Code Realize, etc). If you want other suggestions though, I’d recommend Puyo Puyo Tetris (import from Japan), Hatsune Miku, Gravity Rush, Muramasa, and Oreshika.

    As a random aside, Hiyoko is best girl in DR2; you have good taste to notice. ;P My favorite character is definitely Nagito though… Won’t get into why though if you’ve only just started the game.

    • I played DR1 on the PSP a long time ago :) I’m thinking of buying DR1 on Vita too but not right now since I’m literally broke for the month, lol. Steins;Gate for Vita too? Interesting, but make sense since Steins;Gate had gotten so popular. I finished Muramasa on Wii but I’ll definitely look out for the reboot too. If you mean Project Diva for Hatsune Miku, I played those on the PS3 and also one of my favorite games now :p I’m also looking to buy F 2nd on Vita nonetheless. The problem is I can’t cross save my PS3 save file to it since the save on my PS3 is on my Asian PSN account and I registeted my US PSN account on my Vita. I tried transferring the save files on my PS3 but it wouldn’t work. I have to unlock everything again D:

      • Okay, so long as you experienced the first story in some form (preferably not the anime), you’re good to go for DR 2! XP
        English Steins; Gate comes out this month I believe, but I think it’s a European release. With Vita being region-free though, that’s a bit of a moot point.
        Muramasa is a really beautiful game. Vita has a new translation for all the dialogue, and has four DLC stories each with a new character. I liked the traditional Japanese aesthetic of the whole game.
        Miku is fun on a handheld. I still need to get the second game some day…

        • Nah, didn’t watch the anime. I thought it would be cringeworthy and played the game instead, lol. Btw for DR2, I just finished chapter 1 and still can’t see what makes Hiyoko a best girl for you, I would certainly agree her personality is rather interesting though, lol. But I think my Best Girl for now is Nanami :p

          If it’s an European release, I have a feeling it might be a bit more pricier than normal, which is probably the more important thing here… :p

          Ahh, I see. Tempting, I’ll see if I can get it soon. And Miku is definitely more fun on the handheld! While I played F and F 2nd on the PS3, I actually felt more comfortable playing the older PSP games in the series, lol.

          • Don’t worry, I’m basically the only person in the world who likes Hiyoko, ha ha. Make a post about your favorite DR characters when you finish the second game, and I’ll chime in. =P
            The site that’s selling Steins;Gate says free worldwide shipping, so I don’t think price will be a big issue there. I’m looking forward to it, but I’ve had less time for most of my hobbies lately…

  3. Phwoah, you went all out with the games! As I mentioned in my tweet I’ve gotten my hands on my own console, though DR2 is the only game I own. We’ll have to see about others with my limited budget (maybe I should prioritise DR1 before it disappears >.>).

  4. I’ve been meaning to get one of those damn things. As Sony say that the PS4 and PS Vita together can go this, that, and the other…I really ought to get one. And I will. Soon. Maybe. I don’t know.

    • The Vita can synchronized with both PS4 and PS3 I think.. I still haven’t try the PS3 Remote Play app on mine.

      I think it’s a good time to get it. Many great games. And if it’s your thing, there are a lot of upcoming Neptunia titles as well.

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