Real Neat Blog Award


“Looks like it’s that time of year again, when various colorfully-named awards sprout up around the blogosphere. Nobody has any idea where they’ve come from, but we humor them anyway!”
~by Silvachief of The Geek Clinic

Apparently, I was nominated once more by some award/questions thing-this time, for the Real Neat Blog awards, by Leaveit2me of Pop Culture Mecha (thanks, man). So without further ado, here are my answers to his questions…
1. Answer 1 of the following: Why should someone read your blog instead of mine? OR, Why should someone read my blog instead of yours?

> Why should someone read your blog instead of mine
> read your blog instead of mine
> read your blog


2. Write a simple love poem (in any form) to the anime/manga character of your choice.
I’m the harem master of the masters
School uniform is my body, and bloomers is my blood
I have charmed over a thousand tsunderes
Unknown to jealousy
Nor known to love
Have withstood the pain and consequences of being a pimp
Yet these hands will never touch a yandere
So, as I pray



3. If you could have any anime character’s costume in your wardrobe, whose would it be?
Some random magical girl or maid costumes because they are amusing. But in a realistic scenario, if I were to cosplay, I would pick costumes from characters who would more or less fit my real life skinny body-most probably Accelerator or Lelouch.


4. In 140 characters or less, talk about a strong feeling you have regarding something to do with anime.

5. Describe what you think would be the perfect anime. If you think it already exists, please share.
I believe no anime is absolutely perfect. Even anime which are given the 10/10 score for me are anime with forgiven flaws, since the other aspects of said anime are just so good they made me forgive any existing flaws they may have.

6. Pitch an idea for an anime that is a cross between Bleach, One Piece and Naruto.
Just have a Fate/Stay Night-esque battle royale theme. The servants can be past heroes-like a former pirate, ninja or even pull out some magical twists for the shinigami. This will work.


7. And last but not least, who are you? Please be brief.
They call me Kai. Master of the harems.

But to answer your question seriously, I’m just an ordinary person living in Brunei who also so happens to love watching anime and playing games (even if I don’t keep up with games that fast). I can be appreciative of a wide variety of genres, although Gintama still remained my favorite anime after all these years. Also, I love Miku. Hnnnnnng, dat Miku.

You can go to my about page to know more about me.

Here's another Miku pic before I end this post.

Here’s another Miku pic to end this post.

So yeah, that’s it. Feel free to share your own answers in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. It seems that these questionnaire posts just keep on coming.

    On that note, I did nominate you for the Sunshine Blog Award if you up to do more (the questions is somewhere on my blog, although I made that post earlier this month.).

    • Oh, you did? Think I missed it, you should had e-mail me about it or something :p Anyway, I will do it soon. Hopefully sometime this month, I still have another one I got nominated from someone else, lol.

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