My Wallpapers – Everyday I’m Miku-ing

Unlimited Miku Works

Unlimited Miku Works

Other than buying figures, posters and other merchandises, setting up wallpapers is also another fun way of investing yourself into the anime medium. When I first got a computer, I used to set up wallpapers from my favorite anime and games, which could be anything from Naruto, Bleach (I remember finding a wallpaper of Hollow Ichigo which looked really cool), Final Fantasy VII, Fate/Stay Night, Black Rock Shooter and even Dies Irae. Nowadays though, I just spam the Mikus.

Miku Redial.MP4_snapshot_01.26_[2014.06.07_17.55.38]

Desktop 1

The above is actually a screenshot of Miku’s Redial music video, (which you should watch btw, it’s awesome). I wanted to use that particular screen as my wallpaper, but it seems nobody re-configured it as one properly, or at the very least, I couldn’t find one which would fit my 1920×1080 resolution. What I did is that I had to literally find a 1080p version of the video someplace else, and take a screenshot from there, since the ones on youtube only go as far as 720p and it wouldn’t fit my monitor. I haven’t been using this screenshot as my wallpaper on my new desktop (which I will get to in a little bit), but now that when I had a look again, this screenshot is wonderful-after all, a close-up of Miku staring at me with her big emerald eyes made my day every day. As the title says-Everday I’m Mikuing.


Desktop 2

Once I got my new desktop, I wanted something different, since I used the previous wallpaper since forever. I got a folder of Vocaloid pictures I found from various imageboards, and found this neat wallpaper in it which I haven’t use at all. Vocaloid, being such a fan-based medium, I’m sure it had a lot of excellent artworks, it just so happens that I had this which fits my needed resolution, and it also looks great and beautiful, and had pretty much been sticking it to my new desktop ever since.

deep sea girl


I had always loved the aesthetics of Miku’s Deep Sea Girl, and as expected, the song spawned a lot of beautiful artworks of Miku underwater. My tablet-the Dell Latitude 10, is currently using one such artwork as a wallpaper. Nothing I can say about it other than that it looks absolutely stunning. It’s a vertical picture as you can see, and I didn’t set my tablet in a vertical resolution or anything, but it fits in nicely in a horizontal resolution too.



I seldom fiddle around with wallpapers on my gaming consoles, but just recently, I changed to the above wallpaper on my PS3, at least, just the major portion of the top right corner, I had to crop it a bit since there’s too much text on the left side. After all, it IS Summer. *runs away*



After I got my Vita, I installed CMA on my PC, plugged in my USB cable, and immediately get some Vocaloid wallpapers on it, although I made sure to be careful not to transfer too much, since as we know, Vita’s free memory is very damn precious. From the wallpapers that I managed to get on it, the above fits in nicely, and it looks excellent too, so I had been using it as my lock screen wallpaper ever since.



While I spammed Miku like a mad man, I believe my PSP is one of the rare devices in my possession where I haven’t done the “Miku treatment”-I’m still using the above wallpaper. I rarely play my PSP nowadays though, because if I do, I believe I will most definitely change it to a Miku wallpaper as well.



As you can see, I also didn’t apply the “Miku treatment” for my phone and ipod too, and instead set up images of cool-looking video game characters as my lock screen wallpapers. These two devices are the ones I always bring with me when I’m out, and considering I got a subconscious reflex to conceal my otaku identity


That’s about all my devices. Setting wallpapers, aforementioned, is another fun way to invest in the anime entertainment medium, and it’s an easier and cheaper way to do it too, in contrast to buying actual merchandises.

So what kind of wallpapers do you usually use for your devices? As for me, EVERYDAY I’M MIKU-ING.

Note: I’m not the type who set wallpapers slideshow and had my wallpapers changing every 15 minutes or so, there’s just no appreciation for the wallpapers and investment to the series/characters whatsoever like that. What this meant is that there will probably be a thousand of wallpapers I will never get to use, but eh, I’m fine with it. I also dislike heavy customizations like rainmeter, rocketdock and the likes.

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14 thoughts on “My Wallpapers – Everyday I’m Miku-ing

  1. I already shared my thoughts on what wallpaper I use last year… but mostly, I use wallpapers of characters from shows I seen that I also enjoyed, mostly female characters of course. :p

    I use a dual monitor setup, but my 2nd monitor usually has the default OS X wallpaper since I’m too lazy to change it (yes, you can have different wallpapers on two different monitors compared to Windows except Windows 8 or later without using a special program). I’m getting a bigger monitor (24 inch IPS 16:10 1920×1200 LED display) to replace the old 22 inch LCD monitor soon and hopefully one day, I’ll actually get a dual/triple monitor setup, but a bigger monitor will at least give me more space and get rid of the need to have a separate laptop adapter since there is one integrated..

    And yes, this is the one I’m currently using on my main laptop:

    • That’s totally fine :p

      I avoid dual monitor setup like the plague after my GPU overheating fiasco, I actually bought an USB to VGA adapter from ebay recently, and used that when I need my other monitor, because honestly, other than aesthetic (two different wallpapers like you mentioned) purposes, I don’t really need to use it 24/7, lol. If you can use three monitor setup without problems, cool for you. Me, I think I’m perfectly fine right now, lol :p

      Heh, KanColle, these heavy fan-based titles really have a lot of pretty pictures to use.

  2. Good god, all the Miku’s in this post…

    …And they look well. Fancy that haha.

    I wish I put that much thought into my wallpapers, though I keep saying I will. Maybe today might be that day…

    • Everyday I’m Mikuing, lol. Eh, this joke’s getting old.

      Vocaloid has a lot of good artworks, so I certainly have a lot to choose from :p

      Once you done so, do share whatever wallpaper you’re using if you don’t mind :p

  3. I have a slideshow of pictures from my favorite anime/games/VNs that changes every 5 minutes or so; every time I finish something I enjoy I go hunting for a related wallpaper or two. It feel like it helps me keep in touch with the things i’ve enjoyed most (though it becomes incredibly frustrating when I can’t find a decent picture).

    My phone’s wallpaper is the same as my display picture, however.

    • Oh yeah, I know a lot of people like to do that, like I said in the note, I don’t though, I feel like there’s a lack of investment whatsoever. It’s especially frustrating when the anime/game/VN is in some odd resolution which doesn’t fit yours, either that or the terribly photoshopped wallpapers :\


  4. When I first got into anime, I graced my PC’s wallpaper with Gaara. I thought it was cool. Then, I moved on to One Piece, Lucky Star’s Izumi Konata, Durarara, etc depending on which anime or character I like most at the time. Now my wallpaper is world map so I can conquer the world, lol.

    It’s really interesting to find anime wallpapers online simply because there is so much talent out there producing stellar quality wallpaper that made me want them and at the same time feeling pretty uncreative for not being able to draw like them. Sigh.

    • Garaa does look pretty cool, though I like the look of Hollow Ichigo more. World map? That’s an odd choice for a wallpaper, lol, but I guess whichever works for you.

      Not so much for the poorly photoshopped one, but if these were originally drawn art-then yea, they look awesome. I can’t draw for life, so those kind of art isn’t something I can produce no matter what… :\

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