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Awardmania’s running wild on me. This time, I was nominated by Lazarinth of Fantasy and Anime on the Creative Blogger Award (thanks, man). Anyway, from what I can gather, it seems the point of this award is to share 5 facts about yourself. While Lazarinth went for toilet humor, I’m going to share 5 most depressing facts on myself. Obviously, anyone reading this post, here’s a fair warning-this is going to be depressing.


1. Might as well start off with my latest RL issue-I had been laid off at work, though the actual situation is much more complicated so being “laid off” isn’t actually accurate, but is the best description I can give while being vague (not really comfortable sharing so much details here on my blog, but anyone who wants to know more, feel free to e-mail me or something, so that I can rant). But what I can say is this-I have some disagreements with my company, which also leads to the fact that I will be unemployed soon, and this sudden bad news really make me think a lot of things all of a sudden-like how I mistakenly took my seemingly stable career for granted (considering the economy here getting worse every single day), how I should had develop myself more, and how I should had make an “alternative plan” for my career sooner. Finding a new job is not going to be easy either, so I’m really looking forward to the countless sleepless nights of worries and anxiety when I become a NEET… again.

2. 2013-2014 was a horrible time for me and my family-I experienced the first death of my family member, my grandfather. My grandmother was also hospitalized due to some kidney problems. My father took a surgery for his cancer, and the fact that the latter two took place just after my grandfather’s death was setting alarm bells ringing in our heads. Fortunately, they survived and are well now, but these series of unfortunate events really made me think of a lot of things-predominantly, most of the “kids” in our family are already around 20 years old of age, which means our parents and grandparents really aren’t that young anymore. I will be lying if I say I’m not worried, and point #1 just made me worry about this even more. At the very least, I would love to support my family but with such an unstable career life…

Yu's 180cm too. I wish I'm as GAR as he is though.

Yu’s 180cm too. I wish I’m as GAR as he is though.

3. Okay, think I got the most depressing stuffs out of the way. Here’s a fun little fact to lighten things up a bit. I’m considered one of the tallest Asian guy here in Brunei-towering just a bit over 180cm, although I’m still shorter than most American men here. Despite that, it’s a little fact I’m secretly proud with, but here’s a catch-I’m skinny as fuck, so my height doesn’t really feel all that imposing or dominant to other people. If you’re here in Brunei, and you spot an Asian guy from afar who looks like a long stick, there’s a very high possibility it’s me.

4. My recurring joint pains just LOVE to return for no reason, other than to frustrate me (even now as we’re speaking, I feel a stinging pain on my forefinger). Especially on my right wrist, my right forefinger, my right ankle (hmm… now that when I think about it, my ride side is pretty unlucky). Sometimes, I feel like my body is aging more faster than my actual age, and before I know it, I’m going to turn into this old man. Actually, hell, I think I just need more exercises…

5. Our ISP here just put up new data plans, while our bandwidth was unlimited before, it is now limited. Our quota is at 150gb currently (which, with our family’s internet usage, is considered a bit too small), and could only last around 2 weeks every month. Fortunately, we don’t get our internet completely cut off or anything once our quota is finished, just that the internet is slowed down tremendously. Could be worse, but still doesn’t change the fact that I’m always getting frustrated every end-month from having problems even streaming a youtube video at 144p. Don’t even get me started on the download speed. We considered upgrading to an unlimited plan, but the cheapest unlimited plan available is $200/month (20mbps), which… isn’t exactly cheap. For the record, the most expensive plan is $2000+/month, which is kinda dumb… I mean, who would even pay $2000+ per month just for internet? Even companies using this plan would go bankrupt in no time. Admittedly, the $2000 plan goes up to 300mbps-deceptively tasteful, but despite such high speed upgraded plans, I’m doubtful Brunei’s internet could even go THAT fast to begin with. Besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but if you compare the prices to other countries, $2000 for 300mbps is literally a rip-off.


Okay, that’s all. Still basking myself in the aftermath of all these depression, so not going to nominate anyone. And yeah, this is the last of these award chain posts (for now), so I will get to my own posts next.

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14 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. Sorry to hear that things are not going too well. I have to admit that I am pretty lucky since I managed to get a job in the government after waiting a year, although I had to take lesser pay. While the pay is not as high compared to private industry, at least I know that their is job security. Just need to past one year of probation, which shouldn’t be hard since it’s in my field. I could imagine that it can be difficult where you live as not all countries have recovered completely. As always, it’s a good idea to keep current with your skills and continue to learn more things as it can help make the job search easier.

    As for cancer, my family have a history of cancer. Aside my father who had prostate cancer and caught it in time, one of my uncle’s died from pancreatic cancer in 2009, mainly caused my too much drinking. Also, my mother had kidney cancer, which she didn’t find until two years later and she lost a kidney for not catching it on time. Aside from that, my parents are healthy and I’m not worried too much since my sister is there to look after them since I now live 150 miles away since I had to move for my job.

    As for internet, ouch, that is very expensive. I know that the United States is not very good when it comes to availability of fast internet, especially in rural areas and price due to lack of competition. For me, I pay $99 for Verizon FiOS or basically fiber internet and I get 50 mbps up and 50 down. This usually costs $74.99 without a promotion, but I suppose it’s a whole lot better. Still, I kind of envy those people who can get Google Fiber or municipal fiber that can get 1 Gbps and don’t have to pay as much. If I can pay that much, I can host my own website on my own server instead of getting hosting. Still, I have to agree that $200 for 20 mbps is a big ripoff, considering that in the US, you can get 300 mbps or more from Verizon or Comcast.

    • Yea, and getting a job in the government at that is a very nice position to be in. In my country here, even with education, I think trying to work in the government is a very difficult thing to do. My own lack of skills, knowledge and qualifications are definitely to blame, but there’s also a kind of system in here that I seriously don’t really agree with, again, not really comfortable giving too much details here-but it seems to give priority and privileges to specific kind of people.

      I didn’t mention it in my post, but yeah, my dad caught prostate cancer too, exactly the same kind. It kinda scares me too, since it seems to be very common among elderly man. Sad to hear about your uncle and mom, but glad to hear that your mom’s still around. My father’s also kinda lucky that he was able to find out about this pretty early, so the cancer didn’t get worse before the surgery.

      I saw one article before which said something like “US is one of the countries with the most expensive internet” and I really had a good laugh at that. I mean, really? I bet they would jaw dropped looking at our $2000 plan. Eh, 1 Gbps is a pipe dream for now, I don’t even wanna think that far yet, wait for the prices and the internet to stabilize here first (they better don’t retain the current plan, lol)

  2. Much sadness to hear about your job >.< And a wish you the best of luck in finding a new one!

    But to be honest i'm more worried about that joint pain! Have you been to a doctor to make sure you don't have one of the more nasty cases of arthritis?

    • Thanks.

      Eh, I got a lot of things to worry about :\ Not exactly a doctor, but I visited the bonesetter a lot. Actually, I’m not even sure if that’s the correct term, but it does exist on wiki ( It’s basically sort of like a chiropractor, but uses a more traditional method like traditional Chinese herbs, medicines and joint manipulation (this one is a distinguishing feature of bonesetters). And he did say it’s not arthritis.

      Actually, I also feel like whenever I did manual lifting for an extended period of time, I feel like some of my joints, especially the areas where I hurt them before like my right ankle and wrist, seems to get sore and tire very quickly. Strangely enough, during my the last time I did a lot of heavy lifting at work, my left wrist and right forefinger started acting up. I can understand my wrist, but not sure how I got my finger hurt from that. Yet, that stinging pain on my finger is still there to this day, but my left wrist is healed. I don’t know, my body is just weird.

  3. I can relate to your ‘right side’ problems. It’s common for right-handed people. I have a flat right foot which has led to a pretty bad right ankle, knee and hip. I have also torn the right Achilles in the past and partially tore a tendon on the right side of my neck/back and the thing about tendon injuries is that they stay with you for life. This is the worst because it pretty much makes the top right side of my body, including my should and skull, a stiff mess.

    • Oh is it? I hurt some of my ‘left side’ too, but lesser, and any existing injuries there are healed. But gosh, you sound like you got it way worse than me, might wanna consult Doctor Silvachief… or something xD

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