Gintama – Kagura (G.E.M.) by Megahouse


Age: 14
Birthday: November 3
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 40 kg

Kagura, meaning “god-entertainment” is a member of the Yorozuya alongside Sakata Gintoki and Shinpachi Shimura and the main female protagonist of Gintama.

Although she appears to be a normal, cute, human girl in Chinese-style clothing, she actually belongs to the Yato Clan, one of the strongest and most bloodthirsty of the Amanto races. The Yato are said to have “transparent” skin that is highly sensitive to sunlight, so Kagura carries a purple parasol at all times. The parasol is also the Yato clan’s weapon of choice; Kagura’s is bulletproof and fires bullets from its tip. Because of her Yato blood, she is super-strong and can stop a speeding motor-scooter with one hand. Although stronger than most humans, she cannot control her strength perfectly. Her super-human strength makes her extremely bad with pets. Most of her pets, with the exception of Sadaharu, have met with an untimely demise by her hands.

She is also extremely flexible and fast; capable of catching multiple speeding bullets between her teeth and fingers. During battle, she’s often seen flipping through the air and performing various acrobatic feats. Due to her Yato blood, she is capable of rapid regeneration. During the Benizakura arc, she is seen healing from a gunshot wound almost overnight.

Kagura also have an unusually strong appetite. She is able to consume large quantity of food within a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, her tastes are endearingly plain. Sukonbu, rice, and eggs are among her favorite foods.

Her immediate family consists of her father, Umibouzu, a widely recognized alien hunter, her mother, who is deceased, and her older brother Kamui, once presumed missing who is now involved with the space pirates Harusame.

She came to Earth to earn money for her family. She found work fighting for a gang, but when they ordered her to kill her target, she ran away. Not long afterwards, she met Gintoki and Shinpachi when Gintoki accidentally ran her down with his scooter. After they helped her to make a clean break from the gang, she intimidated Gintoki into hiring her. She now lives at the Yorozuya and sleeps in Gintoki’s closet, like Doraemon.

I first saw this outfit Kagura worn during the Yoshiwara arc in Gintama, and remembering loving it. A Rie Kugimiya-voiced tomboyish girl wielding a parasol as a weapon, and donning on a kimono? Damn, sign me up! And lo and behold, MegaHouse released a figure based on the actual outfit as a part of their G.E.M. series. I bought it awhile ago, but didn’t have a lot of chance to unbox it. Now, how does she hold up?




The box uses a yellow-themed color design, I would had thought they would had picked red, since it’s more synonymous with Kagura, but yellow works perfectly too. There are flower patterns around the box to match with Kagura’s oriental design. There are logos like Megahouse, Gintama and G.E.M. printed on it.



This is how the figure look overall. Fitting the original outfit design, Kagura dons on a “modified” kimono, with the bottom cut short, and instead, she wore stripped socking and high heel boots instead of the traditional kimono we’re more accustomed to. She also wears various accessories like a hair ornament, black fingerless gloves and parasol. Just like most of Gintama’s outfit designs, hers is also a mix of Western and Japanese fashion, and this one meshed together exceptionally well. There are actually alternative faces and accessories too, but I will show them in due time.




I don’t know why but before I got this figure, I was expecting a bit more complexity, and I certainly got that impression when looking at the outfit in the anime and fanarts. But when I actually got her, she looks more simple in person than I thought. Not exactly a bad thing however, as simple looks good too. And despite the simplicity, the fold and wrinkles of the kimono are very nicely sculpted and shaded, and looks realistic. And regardless of anything, the details on her sash looks amazing. There was very slight painting issues on the top her outfit’s back collar, where the colors are kinda uneven-with the stronger red tone spilling just a bit over to the pink side. It’s very barely noticeable though, and you definitely won’t see it in my horrible photos.


I prefer my stands simple, and likewise, I’m not really a fan of the stand design here. And what’s with that bunny? With the stand’s design-the color, typography and the bunny-it kinda resembles Playboy design (WHAT).


Oh, before I spam more pictures, I want to talk a bit more about the pegs/socket designs here. As you can see above, it’s oddly shaped. It’s like a modified trapezium of some kind, and is certainly different from the usual circular pegs/sockets. This oddly shaped design actually helps a lot during assembling/disassembling the different parts-it feels much less wobbly, unlike the circular designs. Even worse, you had to wriggle it in without damaging the joints, but for this one, you just push, click and done, and vice versa. The new design just makes everything so easy and seamless-it would certainly help if more figures use this peg/socket design, or perhaps they already had and I had been behind the times with figures.



The above pictures show the figure when she uses the alternative expression and her “dumplings” (as they call it) hair accessories, it basically featured Kagura’s normal expression, which is great, but I think I ultimately prefer the “canon” expression as it matches this costume more.

Well, think I said my piece. Here are some more pictures before I finish up this post.






So yeah, my Kagura figure-looks simple, but great and elegant, despite the character’s tomboyish altitude. Not exactly my top favorite figure in my collection or anything, but I really like it.

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5 thoughts on “Gintama – Kagura (G.E.M.) by Megahouse

  1. Ah yes, that was in the Yoshiwara story, it was great that they gave her a battle outfit for once.
    I love the character, she’s just funny and cute, no matter what she does (≧∇≦).
    Thats a pretty figure of her, it’s a good combination of elegance and toughness.
    I especially like the killer boots and guards ^^ It is nice to have two head options,
    to have both personalities of Kagura ready to switch.

    …back then I nearly ordered her pretty China Dress version

    • Kagura actually has the most outfits now that when I think about it. Her china dress outfit has like three variations, she also has a specialized pajama outfit and this, lol. Guess you gotta be fashionable even in a shounen series. Yeah, she’s funny and cute alright, mixing well with the Gintama bunch :p

      Yea, she’s normally very tomboyish so her wearing a kimono is very refreshing to see, and it’s not like the standard kimono too anyway, so it looks really good on her. The two faces is indeed good but I pretty much prefer the default one, lol.

      What’s stopping you from doing it? :p

    • Megahouse are pretty good with shounen figures actually. Their early figures aren’t really good, but their news ones are getting really better. I think this Kagura figure is even a remade of an old one if I’m not mistaken.

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