An Aspiring (Or Not) Monster Hunter and Combating Depression with Virtual Worries

This post will be pretty depressing again, so here’s a “moe-fied” version of Monster Hunter characters to lighten things up. Also, hmmm, dat “armor”… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So just last month, I finally caved in and bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. I still barely started since I was busy with Yakuza 4, a game in my backlog since ancient times.

If you missed the news, I’m actually going to be laid off soon, in like October (which is like a week from this post), and from experience, I know for sure the anxiety and depression will be just around the corner, and it’s especially bad if I just sit there bored with nothing to do. Boredom is your absolute worst nightmare when you’re suffering from depression. Of course, I will use much of my time job-hunting and develop myself, but during the times when I’m not doing those? Monster hunting, at least, that’s the plan for now, and thus, I bought it. Although the game DID went on sale a little while ago, which was as perfect a time as any to buy it.


I find playing games is the perfect medium when you just want to forget about your problems. To a degree, anime and other similar visual medium, depending on the genres, can achieve these too, but it’s more short-term. Sure, anime may help, but perhaps just for 20 minutes after the episode ends. Furthermore, games have one thing which other media don’t-interaction, and through that, you will be worrying about character levels, equipment, skills, boss strategies, quests, rare items, synthesis and so on, so much that by the time you’re done worrying, it will pretty much be time to sleep.

But if I need games for that, I feel Monster Hunter is perfect. Other games would work too, but once you finished them, that’s it; you can always replay them of course, some games even recommend you to since they have multiple endings; but even so, I’m the type who need to rest after finishing a huge story, and that break in between is the problem, since if there’s a break and I got nothing to do. Then boredom will settle in, and then, the depression.


The good thing about Monster Hunter, from what I can see, is that it seems to never end. There’s the solo mode, but the main bulk of Monster Hunter is definitely the multiplayer. Every title in Monster Hunter also seems to have an everlasting longevity-it’s not even uncommon to see some players reaching 1000 hours in just one title in the series. From what I heard, it takes a considerable amount of time to master a weapon, and requires extensive brainstorming, research and trial and error to defeat giant bosses, so those would be fun. There are also some various miscellaneous things like combining items, equipment, skills, build and others to worry about. I haven’t even check out the more multiplayer aspect of the game yet. Hell, I’m like 5 hours in and I still don’t know what the heck am I doing! There are a lot of things to worry about here-my virtual worries, so to speak, and during times when I want to take a break from my “real life worries”, worrying about virtual problems like these would be perfect. Immersing into a world of fantasy like this, sure, it may be escapism, but no matter what people say, I need it, just for quick while; just enough to combat my depression before I worry about my real life issues again.

monster hunter 4 ultimate

I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer, and this will be the first time in a long while where I will be trying one, so I wish my multiplayer experiences wouldn’t be too sour. Before I even worry about that though, I really should progress more on the single player mode, try out some more weapons and do more quests and stuffs…

To those of you who plays Monster Hunter as well, happy hunting to you. I hope to be an officially licensed monster hunter soon (“officially licensed” AKA finished the single player story mode), so that I can at least join you guys then and not be a dead weight. This will probably be an extremely slow process however, considering I will most probably be playing this sporadically over the course of my real life issues and breaks between other games.

P.S: Is there anything I should know from a newbie like me who had never play a Monster Hunter game before?

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3 thoughts on “An Aspiring (Or Not) Monster Hunter and Combating Depression with Virtual Worries

  1. Since you’re gonna start with HR1 online for MH, it’s gonna such ass at first. Because you’re grouping up with newbies and what not. The multiplayer part of it is going to be fun once you reach HR7 and above, where all the more experience players are at. Less frustration as people die less in higher rank.

    I’ve cloaked around 600 hours on MH4U, and around 800 hours for MH3U so far, and it’s pretty much a fun game as always. Even though you have to grind for gears at the end, the part where the Monster is always a challenge is what keeps people going. I’d advise to go on local gatherings or some sort to enjoy multiplayer better. It’s a lot of fun when you spent the whole day with a group of gamer, trying to hunt for certain parts that is hard to get. Or just join a facebook group, and find some matchmaking or something rather than with randoms. Randoms are fine too actually but yeah not much interaction or teamwork, as there is no voice chat.

    The desire sensor, is always part of the frustration about this game. People call it desire sensor because usually the parts you desire most is the parts you won’t get most of the time, for MH when you wanna craft something, lol! It’s part of the fun and grind. The end game is always you building as much armor set as possible for collection, and of course for the purpose of using it. Well that is what I do most of the time anyway. Showing off your new cool looking armor no one else has, feels awesome.

    • HR7? Looks like one hell of a long grind for me, lol.

      Yea, I see it’s pretty common to get in at least a few hundred hours in Monster Hunter games xD I definitely feel the challenge and the sense of immense satisfaction when you hunted a boss mob you had hunting for days and traversing multiple areas, even though in my case, it was just a Great Jaggi, lol. (Just got stuck slightly myself when it suddenly hid in it’s nest). As for the multiplayer, see, this is the reason why I’m always so hesitant playing multiplayer games, nobody in my vicinity just seem to have the games I got, lol. Same case with Monster Hunter too, and the big reason why I got MH4U and skipped MH3U is because the latter doesn’t support online plays with random. Facebook sounds like a good idea, although I’m not really active there either, lol. Guess I can try with other social media or forums if I must.

      I still haven’t get to that part of the game yet. In fact, I’m not sure if I want to forge new equipment or not right now. I’m thinking of making a new weapon first, but still not sure which weapon I want to main. I do like the long sword so far (used it to hunt Great Jaggi).

      I also feel kinda guilty since I spent like 29 USD on the game, then now I spent more time in Project Mirai DX and some “hentai” game like Senran Kagura SV than I had in MH4U, lol.

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