4 Year Anniversary


Hmm, 4 years. I finally feel like a veteran-a veteran who still has problems grasping at the English language (still feel my writing’s kinda clunky).

Well, I’m seriously running out of things to talk about in these anniversary posts, I would bitch about my real life issues, but think I had bitched about it more than enough for the past couple of weeks. Relevant pictures, at least:

[HorribleSubs] Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2015.08.03_20.15.30]

[HorribleSubs] Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.07_[2015.08.03_20.12.50]

My depressing life aside, I want to talk a bit about my blog. Though nothing major, I just recently affiliated with playasia, which you might had already noticed since there’s one extra image in the “My Affiliates” section in my sidebar. The things about affiliates for me is that oddly enough, I care about the aesthetics more than actually earning money from them (had never gotten them to work in my case, anyway). Of course, I have no problems supporting playasia, since I got so many games on sale from them, and also PSN/Nintendo prepaid cards. Their customer service is excellent too. In fact, it took me this long because I never realized playasia had vertical banner designs for their affiliate programs, I think they only used to have auto-generated html banners like this (you can set it to vertical/horizontal) which unfortunately, doesn’t seem to suit my blog’s design at all. Like I said, affiliates are also a way for me to decorate my blog, however weird that sounds.

Recently, I also had quite a lot of fun watching the UpUpDownDown channel-a youtube gaming channel by WWE wrestler, Xavier Woods (Austin Creed in the channel). It’s interesting too, because I honestly don’t care much about watching people playing games on youtube in the first place, I mean, from what I can gather, PewDiePie basically just plays horror games and screams, totally not my cup of tea (although it sounds like he got himself very successful, so good for him).

Yet, here I’m laughing my ass off in UpUpDownDown. It may be because I’m watching wrestlers-these larger than life characters, be themselves in these videos, and it’s genuinely fun to see them without kayfabe, just being themselves, having fun messing around with their own buddies, and playing games.


But anyway, back to the anniversary, as usual-thanks to all my viewers, readers and commenters, without your support, this blog would be nothing. I went a little bit random this time, though people should had noticed by now that my anniversary posts usually consist of “don’t-know-what-to-talk-about-so-just-spout-random-shit”. If my blog can somehow survive the fifth year, I might do something special. Since “5” is a good number, and I always feel a weird conclusive sense when something progressed to an odd number (especially if it’s multiples of 5).

…Or not, I don’t know. Even if I said “special”, I got completely no ideas for now. Guess we’ll see in due time.

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28 thoughts on “4 Year Anniversary

  1. Not sure how long ive been following this blog, a few years I think? I try to keep up when I can but unfortunately its not too regularly lol, but I’m lookin to start my own and checking out blogs like this has been part of that inspiration. keep it up! -Josh

  2. Happy blog Birthday!
    Im have been not as regular as commenter as I would like to be this year,
    but I’m happy to know you, and I like the funny, elborate and entertaining posts you write ヾ(^∇^).

    • Happy birthday indeed :p
      Np, overall, you’re still one of the highest commenters here, lol.
      I’ll try to come out with more, glad my posts can be funny, since I personally think I have a really poor sense of humor, lol.

  3. Congrats~!! *gives Kai a loli*
    4 years huh.. Man, that was fast (may not mean much coming from someone who comes and goes at random times xD) All the same, keep up the awesome work.
    Eagerly awaiting your review of HakoMari now that it’s officially over :D

    • Thanks :p *takes loli*
      Yea, still remember the days when I just stare at my empty wordpress drafts and didn’t know what the heck was I doing… actually, not much different now, lol.

      It’s out!? SHIIIIIEEEEETT. Need to read it soon, although I think I prefer to read everything from the beginning again so that I can re-invest in the story, this will take a lot of time though, lol. For now, you can look forward to my Mimizuku review, most probably will post that first.

      What do you think of HakoMari now that it’s over? Of course, no spoilers please :p

      • You’re welcome xD
        It’s definitely a weird feeling, and don’t worry, no one knows what the heck they’re doing, lol

        Yep, been out for about 2 months :D
        BUT, like you, I’d rather read all the previous volumes first before reading the final one, so yeah, I still haven’t read it either :p Oooh, Mimizuku~, will definitely look forward to that.

        I’d like to believe that regardless of how volume 7 turns out, I’ll still love HakoMari unconditionally.

  4. Congrats on yet another year of posting cool stuff and thanks for being one of the few yuri fans…only yuri fans who also likes wrestling I can talk too. Keep it up as long as you can. Oh and New Day Rocks!

    • Unfortunately, I’m not as deep in the wrestling rabbit hole as you would expect though, but glad I can help :p

      And New Day Rocks indeed! Xavier Woods playing the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare on the trombone on Raw is best for business.

  5. Congrats on four years. I wonder to myself considering that my blog will turn 7 years old next year. It seems that a lot has happened through these years. Aside from that, I wish you luck in the 5th year.

  6. “I care about the aesthetics more than actually earning money from them (had never gotten them to work in my case, anyway)”

    Good luck with that, I tried that with AR and failed sooooooooooo hard.

    Congrats to your 4th anniversary :)
    been spamming here since the beginning I think xD

    Wir mussen die Juden ausrotten!!
    Es ist Zeit für Reich!

    • Like I said, don’t really care about that :p Don’t seem to work anyway, but since I don’t want to put up non-mascot pictures for my blog, those two banners are kinda perfect to fill up the sidebar, lol.

      And thanks :p

  7. Heeey. I missed this one. Anyway, congratulations! You’re one of the first aniblogger friends I made, and I’m happy that I got to know you more via twitter. Hahaha. Looking forward to your multiple-of-five anniversary posts then!

  8. A few months late, but hey, congratulations! You’re actually blogging consistently for the past four years and that’s quite a feat. Continue on doing what you’re doing and keep on blogging. Hope to see a post on AFA perhaps next year >.<

    By the way, if economy is really your concern, mine is even worst…

    • I plan to :p My habit of saving completed posts and only post them at a later time had saved me quite a lot, considering there are really moments when I’m inactive/have no ideas for an extended period of time, lol. AFA… not likely now :(

      If I recall, you live at Malaysia right? Yea, I had been hearing bad things about Malaysia’s economy too.

  9. Gratz, you’ve been writing consistently for years man. I can’t even achieve such things. Like I always disappear for a few months, or maybe a year or so, before returning back and stuff lol. Keep it up. ;)

    • It helps to have a few reserved posts in times of inactivity, or at times where my mind’s running blank on ideas :p Then again, I submit like one post per week so I guess it’s easier to keep up for me. Guess it’s harder for weekly anime blogger like you? :p

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