One Punch Man – It’s Short, it’s Cool, it’s Badass; it’s GOOD

Zero fucks given.

Zero fucks given.

This is going to be another one of those posts where I basically just babble on and on about a show, but also where I refuse to call it a review or an impression (hence the stupidly simple title), and this time, it’s about One Punch Man-the currently airing anime of the Fall season.

The entire premise of One Punch Man is about a seemingly normal, everyday, bored-looking guy who becomes a hero for fun, and he becomes so strong he can defeat his opponents in one punch. Ridiculous, but interesting in concept, and also brought out some great characterizations.

When I first saw Saitama and Genos, I had always compared them to Superman and Iron Man respectively based on looks, style and aesthetics alone. But watching later episodes, I realized Saitama’s character is more of a Batman. He took the fall so other superheroes can bask in the glory, he took the society’s hatred when they need a place to vent their hatred on. He’s Hachiman in a superhero themed show, his supernatural strength had always aroused suspicions from other people-civilians and heroes alike, and it was interesting to see Saitama’s character developed into such a way from this supernatural strength.

But despite that, the real star of the show, is definitely the self-proclaimed disciple of Saitama-Genos. While Saitama played the role of a lazy, unmotivated mentor who defeat his opponents in one punch, Genos is the true protagonist. He played the role of the underdog protagonist you normally see in these kinds of show, who has a more definitive goal and actually develop and get stronger throughout the course of the story. He is a cyborg and is designed like a badass, in contrast to Saitama’s generally bland designs. It’s an interesting “reverse focus” where despite Saitama supposedly being the titular character of the show, it’s actually Genos who is being pushed as the show’s main protagonist.

Genos helps cleaning the toilet. Best Cyborg.

Genos helps cleaning the toilet. Best Cyborg.

And really, this mentor/student dynamics between those two is one of the best highlight of the show. Being scrutinized with a critical eye and even being seen as a fraud, Genos constantly played the loyal sidekick/student who would always follow Saitama regardless of how society viewed him. I mean, this guy is so loyal he does everything, from fighting villains to doing housework-he’s the best sidekick ever.

Look at this-SO BADASS.

Look at this-SO BADASS.

When it’s all said and done, One Punch Man is basically a show about the deconstruction on superheroes, but that doesn’t stop itself from having extremely cool, badass scenes. Speaking of action, I may not sound like it; as I’m not too fond of the actions in light novel anime, and I haven’t watch a shounen action series in years (except for Gintama, though that’s less of an action and more of a comedy), but really, I’m always a fan of the action genre in all kinds of media, and especially so in anime if it’s well-produced, and boy, is One Punch Man’s sakuga top tier. The action scenes are so dynamic, and seeing them animated with such intricate angles and motions is always a sight to see.

Admittedly, I do like cute things as much as the next person, as I’m obviously a fan of moe; but despite that, I had always been someone who prefer balance in the media I consume, and really, One Punch Man satisfies my masculine need of coolness excellently. It’s so over-the-top it’s like Gurren Lagann without the mecha, and the whole show overall just looks so cool and badass. Hell, even Genos equipping new mechanical limbs and transforming looks cool as fuck, which of course, is also thanks to the dynamic animations effectively highlighting these aspects of the show.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.59_[2015.12.01_15.57.57]

And more than anything, the anime’s short. You won’t be seeing lengthy arcs dragged on for weeks if that’s not your thing, which is to be expected since this show is more of a parody first and foremost, and also because our bald protagonist here who can defeat his enemies in one punch doesn’t bother listening to rambles longer than 20 words. After all, he got better things to do-the eggs are on sale.


One Punch Man brings an interesting insight to the fictional world of superheroes, and it has an endearing duo of main characters with an interesting mentor/student dynamic. But more than anything, One Punch Man is just a fun and entertaining show filled with moments of coolness, badassery and great fight scenes, accentuated by it’s sakuga; even if it’s a bit cheesy at times.

Here's another badass moment from Genos.

Here’s another badass moment from Genos.

To copy my stupidly simple title-it’s short, it’s cool, it’s badass. One Punch Man IS GOOD and if what I described here sound just like your thing, stop whatever you’re doing now and watch it, if you haven’t already at this point.

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6 thoughts on “One Punch Man – It’s Short, it’s Cool, it’s Badass; it’s GOOD

  1. I’ve watched til episode 5 or 6 thus far, I’d disagree with you in that sense that I only see Saitama as the true protagonist of the show. If I have to compare the dynamics, I’d compare it to Luffy and his crew. Without his crew, Luffy will probably be still sailing his small wooden boat. Likewise, without Genos, Saitama probably still be rotting inside his apartment, being bored as usual. However, the highlights of events will always go to either Luffy or Saitama. But then again, I’m behind a few episodes. Who knows what’s changed since.

    Watching One Punch Man oddly reminded me of Marvel’s universe, especially since I only recently finished the Jessica Jones series. Superheroes are everywhere and seems totally normal..

    This is a hilarious series and it’s good watching it for good laughs and good laughs only.

    • Instead of One Piece, I would actually use the early Naruto mentor/student dynamic here. Using Team 7 as the reference, Saitama is Kakashi, and Genos one of his student. He’s not exactly the true protagonist, but still plays an important role of showing his student his way, and only come out and save the day when his student is in peril. There’s also the fact that Genos so far had always fight his opponents on equal grounds, while Saitama just emerge and nonchalantly destroy his opponents in one punch. I guess what I’m trying to get at, is that Saitama is an unorthodox protagonist, while Genos is the protagonist you would normally see in these kinds of shows.

      Yea, I immediately thought of Superman and Iron Man when I see Saitama and Genos, although there’s also heroes like “Mumen Rider” which is obviously referenced from a Japanese series instead, which is interesting.

      I agree with the good laughs but like I said, I’m also enjoying the explosive actions a lot :p

  2. I like this anime, it’s awesome! The opening song is already great on it’s own ;D

    The combination of a heroes daily life and explosive action scenes give some surprising depth to the story, even with all the comedy elements around. I guess it was a good idea to add Genos, as someone Saitama can interact with. Genos also adds a serious element with how passionate he is about his hero work. Saitama’s attitude slightly changed already because of Genos. The last two episodes were rather epic, surprisingly grim until One Punch Man arrived XD

    • Pretty classic shounen rock OP, but effective in that it fits nicely with it’s genre I guess :p

      Yea, episodes like 7 and 9 are pretty good in that they “humanized” Saitama instead of just the usual one-punch-kill-everything-business-as-usual Saitama. I actually also like how the anime has recently shifted more towards the Hero Association and how Saitama is advancing throughout the ranks. Give him some definitive goal since you can only go for so long with killing everything with one punch.

  3. I somehow tried to hate this show and pretend that it’s a shit show. But it doesn’t work. The show is too good yo, even trying to hate it doesn’t work. At times when there is little to no jokes at all, it makes the show a little bit meh. But most of the time it’s been very good. Just when you thought they are reusing the same formula over and over again, episode 10 was kinda different to make things interesting again. Now the only thing that is lacking is waifu material.

    • I seen a manga post about it sometime ago (at the time when it still hasn’t been adapted), and remember liking it as a concept, but worried that it might be too repetitive, but elements like the characters and Hero Association and stuffs made me realize I worried too much. I don’t mind if there are/no jokes at all, and I really just appreciate the show as a whole. Also I don’t really need waifu material in this show, lol. The show’s cool, badass and manly as fuck and it’s one of the thing I like best about it. And the aspect of “waifu-ing” is something I had seen a lot in other recent anime anyway.

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