12 Days of Waifus – Prologue


After two years of skipping out on 12 Days of Christmas, I decided to tackle it again this year. I was actually looking for more unique ways to go about it, then I thought, why not write about waifus? So I figured this year, I will just dedicate 12 posts talking about all 12 of mah waifus.

A few things to note before I begin:

  • I will be using the terms Best Girl, Waifu and Favorite Character very interchangeably.
  • This series of posts is the same as most of my lists, not arranged in a consecutive order. One of the tricks in retaining your harem is to treat all your waifus equal.
  • Some of these entries will include characters not just from anime, but possibly from visual novels, light novels and games as well.
  • One of my idea was to use illustrations of said characters wearing Santa outfits as an opening picture for each posts. Unfortunately, some characters just WON’T wear the outfit no matter how deep I dig through the internet. Just know that there will be some inconsistency here.


I always have a bad habit of only thinking about 12 Days of Christmas at the very last moment, because come on, writing 12 posts back-to-back is serious business. Because of that, I pretty much skipped 12 Days of Christmas for two straight years. This time though, I went at it completely extreme, and started planning for it as early as January (something which I kept a secret from everyone up until now). At this point, I’m pretty much done and had set all my posts to be published on auto-schedule.

So I will be pretty relaxed this year while laughing secretly at anibloggers rushing their posts.

[HorribleSubs] YuruYuri S3 - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.40_[2015.10.11_14.56.57]

Me atm

That’s about it. In short, yes, these posts are basically my letters, 12 of them in fact, to Santa, wishing for 12 waifus for Christmas (Santa pls, with extra cheese). Now that when I think about it, I sure hope as hell Santa isn’t this guy in disguise:-

In any case, stay tune!

P.S: Relevant gif:-

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