Thoughts on Project Mirai DX


Ah, here we are. The game I wanted to play ever since I got the 3DS. Yes, that’s right folks. Not Pokemon, not Zelda, not Mario; but MIIIIIIIKKKKKUUUUUUUU.

So now fast forward to the present, I decided to write a post about the game since I played it for quite awhile at this point.

Hnnnnnnnggg, Cute as fuck.

Hnnnnnnnggg, Cute as fuck.

Project Mirai is a spin-off of the main Project Diva games where the characters would appear in their chibi forms. You actually might be familiar with it considering there was Project Mirai 1 and 2 before this, and the localization is the updated version of Project Mirai 2, and spawned a whopping total of 48 songs! The most there ever was in a Vocaloid game.

Before I continue, I would like to say, I love the song selection. The massive amount aside, there are a lot of new songs which I never played before, and being able to play one of my favorite songs, “Deep Sea Girl”, even in chibi form, is a great experience since right now, the only available platform to play the song is still at the Arcade (aside from Project Mirai). Then there are songs like “Ageage Again”, “Hello/How are you?”, “PIANO*GIRL”, “1/6 -out of the gravity-“, “1 2 Fanclub”, “shake it!”, which are all great new songs to listen to and play. Some old songs do make a return like “Kokoro”, “Senbonzakura” and “World is Mine” which are great for people who are still new to the video game series and had never played these classic hits. But chances are, if you’re like me who are already an established fan of the series by now, you will definitely appreciate the huge addition of new songs.


Being a spin-off, the music gameplay differs slightly from the main Project Diva series. There will be a line flowing around the screen, and button prompts will flow along this line. What you need to do is to press these button prompts at the right timing. While these lines and buttons cover almost half the screen sometimes, as far as gameplay goes, the Mirai series actually looks much cleaner and neater then the Diva series, where button prompts would just fly in from just about any direction (sometimes even deliberately from awkward positions just to make the song harder). But just like the Diva series, and I believe even more so from the cleaner interface, the game really prioritizes on accuracy so it’s not exactly easy either. The game also let you choose whether or not you want to play with buttons or touch screen, which is godsend considering I really can’t play rhythm games well in touch screen. All in all, the music gameplay is fun and served the rhythm aspect of the game satisfyingly.

nom nom

nom nom nom

Now as for the non-music side of the gameplay, I actually think it has more depth than the Diva series, and integrated more seamlessly into the game. Before you start the game for real, the game let you choose your partner-which consist of Miku, Luka, Kaito, Rin, Len or Meiko. After that, their rooms and you’re done. The interesting thing here is instead of the main menu, the game practically loads with your partner strolling around his/her room as the main menu, not actual menu selection like with the Diva games. Obviously, you can buy more furniture and decorations to spice up your room. And like every games, you can buy food for your partner to eat and also outfits; you can even play mini-games with them. There’s also a dance studio where you can test out dance moves for certain songs. The best thing about this is the overall interface-which is in a sort of an overworld map where you can go to the mall (for buying furniture/food/outfits), your room, aforementioned dance studio and so on. It just looks so much better than an actual menu selection which the Diva series used.

Miku in the dance studio.

Miku in the dance studio.

Also in said overworld map, there’s an airport too, which you can use if you happen to buy an expensive resort ticket. So far, I had only tested the beach resort (which cost me a whopping 100k). Once you go to the airport, your ticket for the resort will be used up. And remember how I said the game pretty much loads with your partner and his/her room as the main menu? Well if you bought and used a resort ticket, this screen pretty much switched his/her room with said resort as the backdrop-which last for a week in real time. If you’re lucky, you may also catch your partner doing some resort activities.

Additionally, you can also give your partner allowances. While you can definitely buy your partner furniture, food or outfits, it’s actually more fun to just give them allowance to see what items they buy themselves, with comments to boot. Interestingly, sometimes you may even catch them buying things in real time, which we can see are actually sent to their rooms.


Project Mirai managed to keep up the spirit of Project Diva-it is a great rhythm game and even the non-music part of the game is pretty fun too. I guess the only complain I have is that despite Gumi being advertised as well, she pretty much only served as a supportive role in the game…

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Project Mirai DX

  1. *Kyahhhh!* thats so much moe, an animated chibi Miku ♡^▽^♡
    The game also sounds really entertaining, especially the side events sound entertaining.
    Giving them an allowance sounds interesting and makes me curious myself.

  2. I’ve actually ended up playing quite a bit of the Project Diva games on my Vita (i’ve always had a weak spot for rhythm games), but I can’t see myself picking up DX because i’m really not a fan of the deformed sprites >.<

  3. I have to admit that while I do have a Japanese New 3DS since last spring, I haven’t thought about getting any of the Project Mirai games since I can simply download them instead of importing the actual college since Nintendo is the only console that let you use a foreign credit card in the Japanese eShop.

    Still, after playing a bit of Miracle Girls Festival, which has the same gameplay, maybe I should get one of the newer Project Diva games in the future. It’s surprising how bad I am at the game for not playing it for months, but surprisingly, I managed to do decently in one of the Project Diva games on the PSP. Given that I have played a lot of Vita games, it does feel like a downgrade, graphically at least.

    • Yeah I bought mine from eshop too. It’s great to get rhythm games digitally, since I may have the urge to play them sometimes out of the blue, and it’s not like I have my cartridge with me 24/7.

      Project Diva X is out soon so you can get that once it’s out. Since you play untranslated games too, you can even get IA/VT but gameplay is completely different if I recall. The PSP ones are generally much easier imo, it’s only until Project Diva F where the difficulty really started to scale. If you really mind the graphics, Project Diva F 2nd actually has a lot of songs (+DLCs) which are all practically remade of the PSP songs.

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