Lists – I need 5!

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This is kind of a filler post, but have you ever created a favorite list and thought “Eh, I need one more” just because the number doesn’t feel complete? This is a problem I’m constantly wrestling with whenever I create lists. At the time of this post, I actually have like 3 lists I wanted to make, but couldn’t just because they didn’t reach my desired number.

Honestly, I may be the only guy in the entire anibloggingsphere struggling with this, but aside from word content, I’m also all for aesthetics too, and nothing satisfies me more than having the perfect amount of entries in my lists. In my case, my ideal lists should have entries multiples of 5 (Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, etc…), so that means to me, a list should have at least a minimum amount of 5 entries. Because come on, 4? 6? These numbers just seem so half-assed.

[HorribleSubs] Osomatsu-san - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.16_[2016.01.05_19.07.46]

Unfortunately, favorite titles/characters don’t exactly come everyday, so even though I pointed all these out, there’s actually quite a number of lists in my pages which don’t quite fit. At the time of this post, my Favorite Anime list has 16 entries and my Favorite Visual Novel list has 13 entries-which are all such half-assed numbers in my opinion.

Recently, and for the more minor lists, I had opted for an approach where I tagged “honorable mentions” for titles past the fifth entry, but couldn’t reach the tenth, just like what I did in my Favorite Anime of 2015 post. Like I always stressed, these honorable mentions are just as good as they are in the main lists, unfortunately, tagging them as such might make people misunderstand I’m actually thinking lesser of them.

This post might makes you feel I’m awfully pretty manipulative with my lists, but I swear, I did nothing of the sorts. At best, I just add/remove an entry from some of my lists -not- to get to my desired number, but just because over the years, I liked some titles more/lesser. As they say, a person’s taste will always change.


Like I said, this is just a filler post and I just want to get this out-Making lists is serious business.

Edit: This post was already written a long time ago. Right now, all my main lists in my pages are actually already updated (and they all have multiples of 5!)

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14 thoughts on “Lists – I need 5!

  1. I don’t think it matter how many you have on your list. Just put Top 7, Top 16, Top whatever number. At least I don’t think those half-assed numbers…

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