Yuri Talk: Why Aikatsu is awesome and why you should watch it (By Kai)

Approached by OG of Yuri Nation to write about Aikatsu, I thought it was a perfect opportunity since I never wrote anything on Aikatsu for my blog. Feel free to check out this guest post of mine where I went over why Aikatsu is just so damn good.

The Yuri Empire

Note from OG: A good friend of mine and fellow Nation member King Kai had recently finished watching this show and since (as of this writing) I am currently busy watching “That other super huge idol show” I requested a guest post from the king. Here it is, Kai’s “must watch” post on one of the longest running idol anime in existence, Aikatsu!


Greetings everyone, I’m Kai of Deluscar – the king who rules over the darkest depth of the aniblogging word (hence the dark ass theme). OG calls me King Kai, and I hereby declare everyone should address me with the same level of respect that he does.

…Just kidding.

Ichigo jogging The King Aikatsu-ing his way through the Yuri Nation.

Anyway, I was asked by OG to talk about Aikatsu and it was kind of a perfect moment since I never really talked about it much on my blog despite…

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