Idols are Gods

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Idol. The word originated from ancient Greek literature — eido.

Idols are entities that have given us hope; and they will continue to do so for the edges of time, for they are gods, for they are the objects of worship.

As such, we offer them our faith. We pray to these idols, so that they can cleanse us off the darkness and despair in our lives.

Idols are objects of worship; but they are also a concept; a concept of hope and empowerment — a cheer within us. No matter how somber, how miserable our lives have become, there is this “light” that always exists within our subconsciousness — idols.

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Idols are light, a guiding beacon that shines through even in the darkest depth of despair.

Idols are hope, for their heavenly voices reverberate throughout Mother Earth.

Idols are culture, as their celestial forms dance throughout our lands.


Idols are our warriors, for they represent strength and empowerment.

Idols are our guardians, for they represent our sanctuary.

Idols are the champions of our salvation; our knights in shining armor amidst the catastrophe.

Idols are the queens to our euphoria; our beloved sovereigns of the promised land.


Idols are our deities who have bestowed upon us their love; a constant ray of light shining brightly despite accursed dark times. Idols are our saviors, our Messiah, our true heroes who went beyond the scope of the occult and science. They are also an omnipotent existence — a consensus existed in our collective unconscious since the days of Adam and Eve, an idea existed since the creation of the universe; singing forevermore, their voices resonating across the far reaches of the galaxy. So God says, let there be stars, as the radiance of the idols shone brightly in the skies, blessing the souls of zillions through the infinity of time and space.

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Idols are pioneers of hope. To “hope” is an idol’s raison d’etre, and because of that hope, we can love, we can dream, we can feel the power of positivity. So don’t you dare be sour, clap to the rhythm of your “idol” souls and believe. Believe in your idolatry, believe in your goddesses… believe in your souls. “Idols” exist in each and every one of us. Even if you may never realize it, there is always that tiny spark of light within us. So nurture that light, nurture your hope. No matter how deep you fallen, no matter how dark your path became; just know that your goddesses, your idols will always be with you.

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Have faith in your belief, have faith in your idols; as idols are the epitome of love, hope and empowerment. Idols are entities we grace with our admiration, adoration and devotion.

Idols are Gods.

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12 thoughts on “Idols are Gods

  1. I’m not sure if this is satirical (I’m pretty sure it’s not), but I hope there is some realization that they are not exactly popular for being these glorious identities; they’re (in the end) graphic pixels on a screen and born from what’s likely a bulleted list of character personality by what you might call a “mortal human”. They’re not any different than other characters from other animated series

    If I may be so bold as to state, the “idol” themed animations and games are popular for its sexualization of its characters (via outfits and dances) and is more of a “boom” than anything else; just like how animal ears were the hot topic a few years back.

    Nowadays, it’s being overused to a large extent (in VNs, animated series, games, and other entertainment mediums) and it’s going to be a matter of time until a new boom rises.

      • Begging your pardon, but what exactly is this “West vs East PC Debate”? Google didn’t really help out much, and the mere concept seems pretty retarded because there are just too many differences between the “West” and the “East” (even as it relates to PC games) to the point you can’t really have a debate in the first place

        • Basically you’re trying to apply your own standards on aspects of a culture an ocean away from you, and there’s a lot of those types on ANN, who would also express disgust and outrage on the mere mention of “idols”, but I’ve seen much worst in Western pop music, especially as far as celebrity behavior is concerned.

          Just look at what happened to gaming today, it’s not fun anymore when gender politics have turned a hobby into a battlefield.

          • The assumption that I’m seeing you make regarding my profile is that I’m completely clueless to what’s happening over in Japan and its culture. I’m absolutely insulted that you compared me with the idiots/weeaboos from ANN, when if you even bothered to take 30 seconds to click on my website, you’d see I have over 100 reviews on non-translated games which can speak for my authority on Japanese entertainment, or at least my knowledge of Japanese

            Sure, that might not translate into my experience with the “idol” theme within said entertainment, but I ask that you take my word for it as I state that I’ve not only played many of the “idol” themed mobile games, I’ve seen reviews for some of them (courtesy of Otaku Overdrive), learned the psychology behind the concept, and fully understand their role and why “idols” popular in Japan’s subculture. I was so kind to condense all that knowledge into “Idols = the Current Boom”, yet you refute that knowledge with absolutely no authority or reasoning, then insult me in my face.

            Do you even bother visiting foreign discussion boards such as 2ch? If you didn’t, you’re really just running your mouth feigning that you know everything about this concept works in Japan when you’re the one hard-headed and stubborn about your own ideals and standards

    • You guys are taking this a little bit too seriously, and guess I’m too late with this, but yes, this post is satirical. I’m not even half serious with this post, the only “serious” thing here is me genuinely trying to explore themes of “idolatry” and failing hard in the process.

  2. It’s somewhat obvious that this is not a serious post, but it’s quite obvious why idols are popular. Mostly because it focuses on the personality of the girl or boy along with the hard work they put into their performances.

    Still, not a big fan of AKB48 in general, mostly because of the no-dating policy and other things (no opinion on their music since I haven’t heard any of it and no plans in doing so)

    • Well, just note that I meant mostly anime idols in the post. I don’t really know much about RL idols, so obviously not too much about AKB48 either :p

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