5 Year Anniversary


Well, damn. 5 years.

I have to say though, I’m not exactly young. Even in blogging, and I’m actually ashamed to say this (because I’m never really good at it), I had been going at it for long enough that I feel I can legit call myself a shitty veteran. And now, 5 years have passed in the blink of an eye.

I'm a moe old man! Uhh, wait... nvm.

I’m a moe old man! Uhh, wait…

Throughout these 5 years, I have seen bloggers come and go — some old bloggers leaving the stage out of the blue, while tears are shed for some bloggers who posted their official retirements. I will be lying if I say I don’t miss my old aniblogging friends. In fact, now that when I’m reminiscing about the old times, I might as well get this off my chest too-since when did the terms “waifu” and “Best Girls” get thrown around so much around the aniblogging and anitwitter circles? Believe it or not, these two terms weren’t even used once during the early days of my blogging. Hell, the anibloggingsphere wasn’t even that meme-y back then. Heh, kids bloggers these days, they all suck. (Just kidding, you know I love y’all :p)


Sigh… I guess it just means I have grown. I’m a fucking old man even when it comes to blogging. I’m a man who have seen cultures infinitely shifting through the eons of mankind. I’m a blogger who have seen waifu wars and conflict befalling civilizations all across the globe. I’m a time traveler who have seen mankind ruined by their own damnation. In fact now that when I put all these words together, I realize — I am not a man…

I AM A GOD (of blogging).

[HorribleSubs] Owarimonogatari - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.30_[2016.02.15_19.13.23]

…Just kidding.

All jokes aside, do you guys remember last year when I said I would do something special if I ever reached the 5th year? I actually achieved that milestone now, so here’s that something “special” — I’m going to give you… IT. What? You don’t know what this “IT” is? Well, I’m going to give you something that you crave. I’m going to give you something that you need. I’m going to give you… the gift of Kai. Drink it in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…

…AKA guest posts. Yes, I’m going to give out guest posts. I always appreciate all my viewers and commenters, and this time, to express my gratitude, I decided to reward 5 guest posts to 5 of these stupid idiots my top commenters.

Before I go on, let me go into a little bit more detail as to how I do this. I will be doing a rank of “Top Commenters of All Time” instead of “Top Recent Commenters”. Now I know there is already a top commenters list in WP Admin, but that’s actually a list of “Top Recent Commenters”, not something I want. Unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t check comments dating all the way back since the blog started, so I had to do this the hard way — checking the comments one by one, which sounds like it would take forever, but actually smoothly doable. What I did is I went to WP Admin, go to “Comments”, sort my comments by author, and check them one by one. Finally, I just noted down the names of commenters who filled up a huge chunk of the list, and checked them separately later to find out the exact number of comments each of them commented.

So… who is the winner? Which one of these gladiators will be winning the big gold belt? These gladiators who have fought tooth and nail against each other to win the absolute honor of having my glamorous, majestic guest posts. Who? I bestow upon you… the list of Kai:



f91f077844a5fe614630caaa7e948d76#1: OG-Man – 187 comments


17a41b7949a27d8def16bb918cf975d7#2: Silvachief – 167 comments


ed98f9329bf8814de09ff06ddb5030e22#3: Wieselhead – 153 comments


fefde1e0f10ec995fb543d21a2f66a03#4: Nopy – 107 comments


964bc7b9338b911d0bb0dd6dca45fc04#5: Chikorita157 – 105 comments

Note: You can click their names to see the screenshots for when I’m checking their comments count, just to prove that I’m not pulling these numbers out of my ass.


Moving on from him, we have the runner up Silvachief, followed by Wieselhead, Nopy and Chikorita157 at #3, #4 and #5 respectively, so congrats to you guys as well. Now here’s how I will do this.

  • I will be bugging all 5 of you through twitter or e-mail or somewhere to work on the finer details.
  • I will do this in a priority order and will be be focusing on one post at a time consecutively. So according to the rank, I will be prioritizing on OG first, then Silvachief, then Wieselhead and so on. I assume this entire process will take around a month.
  • If there’s no response for 3 days, then the order for that blogger will be skipped to the bottom (I will still get to you though, don’t worry).

That’s about it, I guess. Once again, a big thank you to all my readers and commenters. Cheers.


P.S: Please don’t mind my shitty wrestling jokes.

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31 thoughts on “5 Year Anniversary

  1. Wow, hard to believe I been following you for over a year now. Seriously congratulation for making it half a decade. Only two bloggers I know, who actually revealed they been doing this for five years. Some I am uncertain on, while there certainly some that have come and gone. It is nice to see you going strong.
    Here is to another year then.

  2. Congrats Kai! I’m a little sad I wasn’t number 1 T_T Whatever pictures you had above our names seem to have broken though.

    5 years is a massive amount of time. I think I hit 3 earlier this year and didn’t even realize it. I’m always impressed by the variety of and amount of thought put into your posts, so keep up the good work!

    And on that note, I look forward to hearing from you =)

  3. (lol, when Jericho did that in Manila everybody lost their minds)
    *sobs* They grow up so fast *sniffles*
    Don’t worry, I’m probably shittier xD
    From one “veteran” to another — massive congrats on 5 years! (hands Kai five lolis)

  4. I have taught you well in the ways of the wrestling fan King Kai. I am very proud of my bestest friend in the world and his most joyous occasion of 5 years in the biz. Well done good sir and here is to as many mire as you can muster dood. May Lastation’s goddess always bless you.

  5. Congrats on the 5 year milestone. Yes, it’s sadening to see bloggers vanish or retire, but it shows how time flies. I have been blogging since freshman year of college and I know.

    Also thanks. I wish you luck for years to come.

  6. congratulations on your 5th blog anniversary, I’m glad that you are still around.
    when I comment on your blog, I always feel as if I say smarter things than usual(‐^▽^‐)
    sorry for being a less regular, regular commenter than before, my time management is a disaster this year.
    I’m looking forward to you guest post, you can choose whichever topic you want (^ω^)
    …just in case you will have no idea, I could help you out with an unfinished draft ahahaha

    • Thanks, not sure how much longer I will stay but I will try my best to be around, lol.
      Nah it’s fine, don’t worry. You’re still one of the more frequent commenters around here :p
      It’s okay, I actually already got good ideas what to write for all five posts for awhile before I start this, lol.

  7. Congrats on reaching the 5 years milestone, it’s mind-blowing that you’ve been doing this for so long. You’ll be a grandpa soon, telling us to get out of your lawn :P
    Cheers, and may you reach another 5 years~!

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