12 Days of Moe – Prologue

Hop abroad the moe train.

Hop abroad the moe train.

I believe it’s no secret that I like moe. Chances are, you may have caught me tweeting shitty super cute screenshots of moe anime though, and you would know — I’m a fan, I just rarely talk about it on my blog.

That all changes today however. As a moe connoisseur, I decided to commit myself to this year’s 12 Days of Christmas to moe and moe alone, thus the name — 12 Days of Moe. Mostly in particular, I will be talking about “moe anime” (basically “cute girls doing cute things” shows, not to be confused with “moe characters” since there are moe characters in non-moe shows too).

As usual, I have already prepared all the posts beforehand and they will be posted on auto-schedule. In the meantime, I will laugh at all the anibloggers rushing their posts like an idiot, HAHAHAHAHAH! Kekkai door… Oh wait, I already made this joke last year

In any case, look forward to it.

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