12 Days of Moe – Day 2: Cute Girls doing Cute Things

How cute

How cute

Now, let’s talk genres which are mostly affiliated with moe. Because moe has a distinctive feature of fun and cuteness, there are a few genres which always go hand-in-hand with moe.


When I didn’t want to use the term moe anime, I seem to have a habit of describing the anime as “slice of life/cute girls doing cute things”, which is long as fuck, yet, it’s important to label the latter part too. Anime like OreGairu and Mushishi are slice of life too, so it gets a bit tricky if we want to filter it to just moe anime, I guess that is one of many reasons why the term “moe” is born-it just makes for easier categorization.

The "I am AHO" T-shirt. Available on various online retailers (yes, I'm not kidding).

The “I am AHO” T-shirt. Available on various online retailers (yes, I’m not kidding).

Anyway as for Cute Girls doing Cute Things (henceforth “CGDCT”), it should be very self-explanatory. CGDCT shows emphasize on the cuteness, fun and entertaining aspects of the anime, and is the driving aspect of the moe genre. Just like how watching the keion girls’ everyday lives of procrastinating and practicing and how watching the everyday cafe lives of GochiUsa characters. CGDCT shows emphasize on the fun atmospheres and subtleties behind the characters’ lives.



You may say there’s no story but the characters’ lives -are- the story, it’s just mundane, unless one were to think swords, guns and massive explosions as actual story. Anyway, I’ll just stop this here for now as this is something I will cover in more detail for later posts.

Also, it’s important to note that “CGDCT” isn’t exactly an official genre, not official in the sense of genres like “action”, “adventure”, “romance”, etc… I assume it’s a term initially coined by fans, and it has since evolved into such a helpful term to categorize moe anime that it’s really become an almost universal term on it’s own.

Though while CGDCT shows are something I like, there is something that makes it special, as with the end of every other slice of life anime… which will be something I will talk about in the very next post.

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5 thoughts on “12 Days of Moe – Day 2: Cute Girls doing Cute Things

  1. I’ve wanted to talk about this with you for some time but didn’t know how to bring it up. Perhaps commenting on a post about it isn’t the best way but I feel it’s a good enough opportunity to try and express my grievance.

    I don’t enjoy CGDTC, and despite knowing I should accept other people’s preferences even if they are different to my own, I can’t help but feel embarrassed for people that don’t feel any shame in enjoying it.

    I don’t know if this is a learned reaction or if it comes from deeper suspicion that blurring the lines between cuteness and sex appeal might normalize simulated/underage sexual preferences. It’s almost like a phobia as the fear has no evidence to back it up and so seems irrational.

    • I will admit, liking moe anime isn’t something I yell about IRL. Even if I do came across people who watch anime, my mind always automatically think of the more mainstream titles to talk about (Attack on Titan, etc…), though that doesn’t stop me “yelling” about it in the internet, lol.

      And I mean, it’s fine. Moe anime admittedly, is an acquired taste. Some people may like it, and some people may not like it. If you are one of those that don’t and if my posts don’t convince you otherwise, nothing much I can do :\

      • Don’t get me wrong, the majority of your posts argue in it’s favor quite well. I’m convinced of why some people ‘would’ like it, but this damn nagging feeling won’t go away. I could very well be my insecurity for trying to push down my own enjoyment of it, like how adamantly closeted homosexuals can feel aversions to other homosexual behaviors. As you say in the first sentence in your reply, there is an element of shame or fear of how the public might react if they found out. I guess it’s because it’s the internet that people are free to express their enjoyment of it in spit of social pressures.

  2. lol I need that shirt ;D

    Yuru Yuri is a perfect example for CGDCT, although when the jokes can be a bit mean sometimes, especially in season 1. I really like CGDCT when it’s not too limited on a certain location, I like an approach on that genre filled with random activities.

    • I won’t say the jokes are mean, just a little bit rowdier than your standard moe shows, lol. Though that’s exactly why I mostly used it as an example for this post since Yuru Yuri is a pretty good representation of it. Also Season 3 is awesome man xD

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