12 Days of Moe – Day 10: My Yuri Ships in Moe Anime

Shipping time

Shipping time

Now here comes the fun part — to conclude this year’s 12 Days, I’m going to end with some lists. First up, is my yuri ships from moe anime. Again, yuri (subtext) is a big element in moe anime, and shipping is another fun part behind the yuri fandom. In this post, I’m going to show you the 5 OTPs I ship in moe anime, accompanied by super lewd pictures (or not).


1. Rize X Sharo (GochiUsa)

As far as shipping is concerned, I admit I’m kind of a boring guy who supports canonical pairings, and you can’t get anymore canonical than Rize and Sharo (at least canonical within the boundary of yuri subtext), even if it still seems like an unrequited love for Sharo. The dynamic between the two is interesting too — both of them are tsunderes, yet in a ship which there is minimal to no tsun. Their dynamic looks like what would happen between Love Live’s very own Nico X Maki if you tune up the dere to eleven. I guess to that end, Rize X Sharo is just the complete opposite end of the “double-tsundere” dynamic.


2. Aya X Yoko (Kiniro Mosaic)

While Rize X Sharo is a bit unique, Aya X Yoko is a more traditional take on the “crush” dynamic. It’s a pretty standard spin on the dynamic by far, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Outside of Karen, their interactions for me are another reason why I even watch Kiniro Mosaic to begin with. Something about the Tsundere X Crush dynamic just meshes together so well like a match made in heaven.


3. Kyouko X Ayano

If we are talking about a moe anime with shippy pairings, you really can’t not mention Yuru Yuri. Having an exceptionally large, but fun character cast, a lot of different pairings is possible. My own pick is Kyouko X Ayano though, and if you happen to watch Yuru Yuri, you might be familiar with this pair’s dynamic, but if not, hint: it’s similar to the previous two. …My bias towards tsundere is nigh unstoppable.


4. Kotone X Shizuku (Sakura Trick)

In Sakura Trick, it ultimately comes down to two pairings for me, Haruka X Yuu or Kotone X Shizuku. The former is obviously the main pair, but in retrospect the latter is by far the better pair in my opinion. Their story are better told, and since they aren’t featured as heavily as the main pair, it ironically also worked to their advantage since you don’t run into the risk of burning out.


5. Sae X Hiro (Hidamari Sketch)

If we were to compare character casts in moe anime to that of a family, Sae and Hiro played the parental dynamics almost to perfection. Both of them have the dynamics of a married couple, with Miyako and Yuno their kids. If you think I’m pulling this out of my ass, it’s actually pretty much canon. Despite that, they are still innocently embarrassed at times which alluded to some of their most adorable moments in the anime.

P.S: I’m limiting myself to just moe anime here, but in case you’re wondering, I have a lot more yuri ships than this, which I will maybe (or maybe not) write about in future posts.

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