12 Days of Moe – Day 11: Best Girls of Moe Anime


Now that we’re done with yuri OTPs, let’s get to the Best Girls of moe anime. Moe characters are designed to be cute, quirky and fun and a lot of their character appeals stemmed from that. I do admit that most of them lack the “impact” to make it in an actual “favorite anime character list”, but at the same time, all of them are designed so that it’s hard to hate them at all.

Stuck in between those two extremes, here’s a separate top list instead to finally give some of these Best Girls from moe anime their dues.


1. Renge (Non Non Biyori)

Renge is a kid, and she acts like one. Always curious, frequent mood swings, a bit playful and finds joy in the simplest of games. Though the reason why I like her — in a realistic but fuzzy world-driven show that’s about seeking joy in everyday lives, Renge with her personality is truly the perfect avatar to represent the show’s essence. While quite a few iyashikei falls into the trappings of having calmer characters that are more grounded to reality (not necessarily a bad thing, though it does makes the characters appear boring sometimes), Renge is living proof that you can have both a good world-driven show and entertaining characters.


2. Karen (Kiniro Mosaic)

I would have normally picked Ayaya in this show due to my infatuation for tsunderes, but watching Yuru Yuri and Kyouko’s antics (which I will get to in a little bit) caused me to develop a soft spot for the “moodmaker” role of the group. And as a moodmaker, Karen’s top notch in it, she’s especially good at being subtle in her role, and making the smaller things larger than they seem.


3. Kyouko (Yuru Yuri)

While shippings are probably the most discussed topic in Yuru Yuri due to how the large the character cast is, if I were to pick an individual Best Girl out of the series, Kyouko would take that spot without a doubt. She’s similarly a “moodmaker” just like Karen of Kinmosa, but while Karen makes use of subtlety, Kyouko outright relies on blatant zaniness, and is a master of hilarious hijinks. Kyouko’s role in Yuru Yuri is to amp up the energy in the show, and she certainly did one hell of a job.


4. Rize (GochiUsa)

A best character list isn’t complete without a tsundere, and as a tsundere in a moe show, Rize’s definitely top-tier. The funny thing is even her entire characterization is based loosely around the concept of tsundere too. From guns to roses, from cool to super adorable hnnng; Rize at first glance looks cool and masculine, yet also likes cute and feminine things just like other girls, but it’s something she’s embarrassed to show it. She also feels lonely easily, but her “hard-boiled” exterior means she doesn’t readily admit it. Furthermore, she is the walking epitome of “Metal Gear Solid reference”, and knows CQC. This just earned more points as far as I’m concerned.


5. Azusa (K-ON!)

Azu-nyan strikes all my moerogenous zones like a smooth, suave master of flirting. Tsundere, twintails, nekomimi and even a guitar to boot. But outside of that, I personally think she’s a better character than Mio. Last but not least, Azunyan is involved in most of the show’s best scenes. I talked about Azu-nyan at length here so you can check it out if you want. But short story, Azu-nyan is Best Girl.

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