Here’s to Another Shitty New Year

I'm a piece of shit

I’m a piece of shit

From personal to international affairs, 2016 was a year so bad I even wondered sometimes if I’m just a piece of shit, like literally, a worthless piece of shit excreted through Earth’s asshole. I can only hope it will get better from here, I mean it should right? I hit rock bottom, physically and mentally drained, so much to the point that I feel the only direction left for me is to go back up.


It even got to the point I thought about quitting blogging sometime last year, but I couldn’t stop. And the fact that I was already in the middle of preparing some of my bigger plans (12 Days, Anniversary Guest Posts, etc…) only served as a fuel to continue blogging. “It’s dumb to quit since I was already in the midst of preparation”, I thought, as I tried my best to maintain my blog’s activity while waiting to execute those plans like 12 Days at the necessary dates.

Despite the successful endeavor, I still went through several grueling months where I was just too physically exhausted to write anything, too moody to produce any thoughts. You might not notice that and honestly, my habit of conserving dozens of posts to publish at later dates became the ultimate lifeline for this blog. If I were to use up all my “reserves” without a care in the world, this blog would have been long dead in the water.

…which leads me to my next question. If say I were to ask for guest posts on my blog, will anyone be interested? I do have some preferences on the type of posts though (but other than generic posts like reviews/impressions, most should be fine, I think). I’m asking this just to gauge an interest for now, as it’s still a big question mark for me at the moment. This will probably be one of those experimental things where I will figure things out along the way until a preferred format eventually comes about. That is, if anyone’s even interested though, feel free to e-mail me if you do.

pwretty please

pwretty please

Well, switching gears. Here’s to another shitty new year to you. I hope your year hasn’t been as worse as mine, and if it was, I hope it gets better this year for you too. Cheers.

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15 thoughts on “Here’s to Another Shitty New Year

  1. You not alone, it seems that everyone is having a crappy 2016.I had to quit my job for reasons I won’t tell and unemployment is rough. Fortunately, I got calls for interviews, so hopefully things will turn around soon.

    I wish you luck on your experiment. I haven’t got much ideas for a post yet, but maybe soon.

    • It’s been awhile since I got laid off so I have already been wrestling with the fact that I’m unemployed (bad economy doesn’t help either). But to top it off, there’s… “that” happening last year which is the main cause of my grief. Not going to say what “that” is since I’m still not too comfortable talking about it, but if you happen to catch “those” tweets of mine, you probably know already anyway.

  2. Thinking of making my blog a side dish, already prepared stuffs since Feb 2016 for making a youtube channel.

    Still about figures and stuffs. :v

    Mostly weekly vlogs and news and shitnanigans

  3. Happy New Year to you, all the best from me (‐^▽^‐)
    Please don’t stop blogging.

    In autumn I somehow ran out of energy, I managed to take pictures but writing posts was a pain.
    In the evening I barely could watch anime because I fell asleep. I slowly recover from that, thx god ;D

    Oh yeah this year was overall terrible, worldwide the people seem to turn insane, ok that doesn’t concern me directly, but watching all these bad news of course has an impact.

    In the family we also had bad things happening. My grandma died and my grandpa also appears to have his last months, it’s just sad :(

    I also nearly suffocated last month, but fortunately I did not (/^▽^)/.
    So of course I’m a bit fed up of 2016.

    I believe it can only get better, so good luck for everyone (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Well I’m not stopping anytime soon. Been pretty good with saving up my posts and stuffs, lol :p Some guest posts could certainly help immensely though

      Yeah, I would assume your posts are even harder to do since you have to take photos, lol. I’m always a bit lazy to do figure posts.

      Those are certainly bad news, but what hurt me the most was the personal stuffs.

      And I’m sad to hear that :(
      Hopefully 2017 will be better for us both.

  4. Funny thing, as I was toying with the idea of adding guest contributors, now that I’ve decided on a theme for the majority of my posts (mental health)…providing people still want to read it.

    So many have had a excrement-filled 2016. Let’s pray that Donald Trump won’t make it worse.

    • I had one guest contributor (and haven’t seen any since) which is already amazing, because I’m always of the impression that my blog is just an unattractive, un-charismatic sack of shit.

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