Unique Blogger Award

I suppose it’s time for another one of my award post someone nominated me 1000 years ago (sorry, maengune). This one is the Unique Blogger Award where you need to answer 3 questions from the last person who nominated you.

1. How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?
By doing all of the above. I’m a poor learner.

2. Do you think you can live without the internet?
No, I need it to watch por-

3. Are you a console or a PC gamer? What games do play most of the time?
Both, somewhat. I actually enjoy playing games on consoles but I just don’t think I can keep up with them anymore, so I have been trying to focus more on the PC side. Though my PC is a piece of shit for gaming and at the time of this post, I’m still trying to build a custom gaming PC. Getting parts in my country is troublesome though and admittedly, I’m also not doing pretty good in life financially speaking. So building a custom gaming PC is more of a luxury than a necessity, and is unfortunately, pushed way back in my priority list until later. As for what games I usually play — mostly RPGs, and a few dabbling here and there in other genres.

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4 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

  1. I have to admit that I can’t live without internet nowadays. It was tough surviving without internet when I was in band camp during my senior year of high school. Thankfully, it’s not an issue nowadays since I have a smartphone with internet access since 2008. Still, it’s nice to take a break from the computer or the internet once in a while.

    While I used primarily a old Mac Pro for gaming and booted into Windows to play games, I eventually built a custom PC, mostly a Hackintosh which can play most of the games. Thankfully I got the gaming video cards since there is a huge shortage of video cards because of the mining craze with Ethereum. At this point, it’s just better to do console gaming since graphics card prices are insane in the midrange, unless one is going high end.

    • God bless mobile data. Now if only my phone stops shutting off by itself it would have been better, lol

      In my case, I have a lot of problems trying to get the parts locally, with the motherboard and processor pretty much impossible to find here. Had to find a middleman who provide custom order services, and is willing to take my orders and find the parts overseas, lol. Actually this post was written way long before I published it and at the time of this comment, all the parts are already here and I only just finished setting everything up a few days ago, lol. Only game I have on hand is Berseria though (which I already have problems running on my old PC), and still haven’t try out those kind of games which require insane specs.

      “At this point, it’s just better to do console gaming since graphics card prices are insane in the midrange”
      I want to build a gaming PC more so than ever since more games have PC port now, and recently there’s also some nice parts with decent prices.

      • Given how expensive parts are in your country, I highly doubt they got sucked into the whole mining craze. But yes, it’s nice that more Japanese games are showing up on PC, some with the ability to play in Japanese. Personally, while my laptop has outdated graphics and can’t really play the latest games, I built a desktop (yes, I took advantage of the craze to generate money for it) with a combination of parts I have and a mix of used and new parts that runs macOS and Windows. It has a 6-core Intel Core i7 and a GTX 1070, which will last for several years since I don’t play AAA games.

        I only really play simulation games for the most part on PC, mainly Civilization 6, Cities Skylines, Audiosurf 2 and a few others. Otherwise, the desktop computers get used for programming, video editing and streaming video games. I still do gaming on consoles, mostly handheld consoles. Still, I am quite curious how most of these Japanese games perform on PC as I purchased Senran Kagura Estival Versus. I will probably get around to that after I finish the games that I want to finish first.

        • I’m sure no one’s doing that. You can barely even find parts to build anything here, expensive or not. Yeah, a lot of Japanese games on PC is pretty good, now if only Atlus would follow suit, lol (they seem to be the most “stubborn” so far). And gosh those parts, I’m only using decent budget parts for mine.

          “I am quite curious how most of these Japanese games perform on PC as I purchased Senran Kagura Estival Versus”
          I already got that on the Vita long before it’s even released on Steam, so I will most probably just play it on the Vita. Would love to try out Valkyrie Drive on PC soon though.

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