Fate/Extra – Saber (EX Figure) by Sega

Birthday: December 15
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 42 kg
BWH: 83-56-82
Three sizes: B83/W56/H82

One of three Servants available to the protagonist of Fate/Extra. Similar to Arturia Pendragon, Nero is female. While she was notorious as a tyrannical emperor and for her arrogance as an artist with supremacy comparable to the gods, Nero is a kindhearted individual who wanted what was best for her subjects.

I no longer buy as many figures as I used to, but despite that, if there’s one thing I have a crapload of — it’s Saber figures. Unsurprisingly, I still have a few Saber figures I have yet to unbox, which I bought from god-knows-when. This post will be about one of these Saber figure from Fate/Extra.

Noting special about the box — it spots a bluish design, with the “Fate/EXTRA” logo on the top left and with instructions on the back of the box. The figure comes with a sword and an additional face.

I remember I bought this on the spot at a local retail shop rather than online, so I didn’t realize this is actually a prize figure, which speaks volume about it. That’s not to say the figure is a 10/10 masterpiece or anything, but for a prize figure she looks good. Donning on a red battle dress trimmed with gold and a pair of golden boots beneath her skirt, Saber gives off a majestic look that matches her proud, haughty demeanor.

Equipped with her is a beautiful red sword with black lines and patterns, though trying put it into her grasp was no easy task. You need to insert the sword into the two pegs located behind her arm and another one just below her shoulder — a very tight space to work with. The ability to take out the head from the socket doesn’t make the task any easier either.

Scrutinizing further, you can see nice, little intricate details like the wrinkles on her sleeves and skirt. While it’s obvious if you look at her original design, the figure is also sculpted in a convincing way that makes it look like the semi-transparent skirt really differs from the rest of the outfit — especially in the way it flutters about, gives it the impression that it is lighter and uses a thinner fabric.

Unfortunately, the hair strands don’t look pretty good, and there are some problems with the paint too. It could be that there were some troubles during manufacturing or shipping, but there are areas where you can see the paint is chipped off, the undercoat sticking out like a sore thumb.

The figure uses a plain red base which looks really simple, but gets the job done. Here are some more pictures before I finish up this post.

So the verdict? This figure is a cut above the rest among other prize figures. However, there are definitely better Red Saber figures out there and if you can fork out a little more cash, you might as well buy a scale figure of Red Saber or something. But this one is definitely a decent addition to your collection as well.

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