6 Year Anniversary

Gosh, has it really been 6 years? I honestly don’t know how I even lasted this long. I still remember the day when I couldn’t think of a good name for my blog, and the very best I could come up with was this incomprehensible shit called “Deluscar” — which isn’t a name you can easily find on google search.

…Now that when I think about it, couldn’t I have just used “Otaku Wonderland”?



Oh well, I’m like 6 years too late, and at this point, changing my blog’s name doesn’t feel right anymore. I’m just going to take this chance right now to express my gratitude to all of you who have supported my blog so far. Whether you are the most active commenter on my blog, or if you lurk around the shadows; without you guys, this blog would have been long dead in the water — so thank you.

Here’s hoping I can last another year.

This entry was posted by Kai.

21 thoughts on “6 Year Anniversary

    • I don’t plan to, since the name’s very identifiable with my blog at this point. But if I can time travel back to when I was still setting up the blog I would definitely change it, lol.

  1. Congratulations Deluscar ✨🎈
    hopefully you will fulfill year 7 with me, too. It’s funny how “we” all started blogging around the same time, unfortunately the majority didn’t make it beyond year 4 :(.

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