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I believe it’s about time to get another one of my award post done. This one is the Versatile Blogger Award (nominated by Yahari Bento) where you need to share 7 things about yourself. I will use this chance to talk briefly about my history of games, and 7 consoles that shaped up my gaming life.

1. Admittedly my very first major gaming experience was on the PC, back when CRT monitors were still a thing, even. Other than that, it was mostly the occasional Super Mario on the NES or the occasional Game Boy which I borrowed. At best, gaming was something I just dabbled in. When we got a PS1 however, the console finally converted me into a bona fide gamer. RPGs especially, were games that consumed much of my childhood. Final Fantasy games during this era were a treat.

2. It wasn’t until a little later that we have a PS2 at our house. And as you might have expected, I played a lot of great RPGs during this time period too. Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Hack, Suikoden, Grandia and so on. RPGs truly peaked during this era, as I could have sworn there were limitless supply of them. Also, who could forget Persona? I first got into the series via Persona 3 in PS2 and has been a longtime fan of the franchise ever since. Although fan of the RPG genre, this was also the time when I started branching out to other genres too, and played quite a lot of fighting games, racing games, action games and so on. Speaking of action games, Devil May Cry 3 was an absolute blast.

3. I got a PSP while I was in my senior years of high school. I think Brave Story was my very first game on the portable console, and has since played a lot of great titles on it like Crisis Core, 3rd Birthday, Blazblue and Corpse Party. Actually, I’m still playing games on the PSP even to this day, and it still shows no signs of breaking down. I swear the thing’s a freaking tank.

4. I bought a PS3 pretty late into the game (hilariously PS4 was announced not even a year after I bought PS3), and at a time when work and life obligations really tied me up. At this point, it was becoming harder and harder for me to enjoy games, but still not stopping me from having fun here and there whenever I could. Series like Neptunia and Project Diva were where I first got into in PS3. Also strangely enough, PS3 was also where I finally sink my teeth into the Metal Gear Solid series with the HD collection. Metal Gear Solid is a series which I somehow missed during my early gaming days, for some reason.

5. You might have already notice this, but I’m mostly a Playstation guy. I bought a 3DS sometime ago, and while it had some great games, it was when I firsthand experienced Nintendo’s “gimmicky tendencies” and region locks that just kinda puts me off. Bravely Default was amazing though, and at least I also got to play Project Mirai.

6. After awhile I also bought a Vita, and while more and more of these games are on Steam nowadays (see next point), getting to play Persona 4 Golden, which will never get a Steam release, is more than worth it.

7. At my current point in life, I decided to refocus on PC gaming. Two major reasons — one being that I feel I can no longer keep up with consoles anymore, and secondly, that more and more games are coming to Steam. Throughout my gaming life, I always envision that there will soon be one dream device where you can play every single games in existence on. It’s ironic that “device” ended up being a PC all along. Well it can’t play every games in existence, but it’s close; hence, my decision to refocus on PC gaming. Hell, I actually just build a budget gaming PC not too long ago (build here, if anyone’s curious). Only just got it recently and so far I have only played Tales of Berseria and Nier Automata; but yeah, been having fun with it through the very snippets of my shitty life when I can actually spare the time for gaming.

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11 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I love this post so much. From now on job interviews should always require console history/experience overview. How’s Berseria? Should I just stop asking every single person and buy it already? I really loved Vesperia…

  2. Interesting. I got into gaming when the Game Boy and Super Nintendo came out. I have been mostly a Nintendo person, mostly thanks to Pokemon, although I played Super Mario games. I didn’t get into Playstatopn until the Playstation 3, which I got as a high school graduation present. My sister has a Playstation 2, which I hardly play on.It took me a while for me to get a Playstation 4 since all the games I can play on the Vita… that is until Idolmaster Platinum Stars came out in 2016.

    While I played with PC games during my childhood, it’s mostly educational games before later on. I am not much of a PC gamer, although I spend hundreds of hours playing Simcity and even The Sims 2 on a gaming desktop with a Pentium 4 processor and a Geforce 6600. I have built a high end gaming computer/hackintosh early this year with a mix of used and new parts before the cryptocurrency craze and memory price spike.

    Nowadays, I played a lot of Civilization and Cities Skylines. Still, I am thinking about getting more Japanese RPG ports when Winter Steam Sales come up. But now it’s a terrible time to build a gaming computer given that DDR4 memory prices are sky high and SSD prices aren’t any better. Thankfully, graphics card prices are finally going down recently. Even so, I probably end up using my Switch, Vita and 3DS more since it’s portable and more convenient. Yes, I know there is a portable PC shaped as a console that have game controls like the GPD Win, but I feel that this is probably the only place consoles do better. Smartphones don’t count since one is basically sacrificing their battery with the possibility that one needs to use it in case of an emergency. Of course, mobile gaming kills battery.

    • Honestly my early childhood is the epitome of missing out on a lot of things, lol. Didn’t get to watch Dragon Ball or Naruto despite everyone around me watching them, and obviously, everyone to their mothers sinking their teeth into Pokemon while I don’t even have a Gameboy myself. I did play some Pokemon games a little later, but missed out on the nostalgia effect, so I don’t feel particularly attached. I don’t even plan to get a Playstation 4 since most games are on Steam. Well there may a few Playstation-exclusive titles (like the newer Yakuza games), don’t have much choice but to skip them out I guess, since I’m not buying a new console just for 1 or 2 exclusives.

      I have been thinking of getting back into The Sims actually. Just had a quick look at the latest Sims 4 and it looks like you can do a hell lot of crap now, which is amazing. My only experience with the series was the original Sims which while not bad, feels very repetitive and boring, really quick.

      I think if you’re not going for an absurdly high amount of RAM, a DDR4 8gb is decently affordable. Although I find I used around 6gb of memory when I play Nier Automata, so more memory, while not necessary for me atm, would still be godsent. As for SSD, I personally don’t care for them all that much, though I could really use more HDD now, lol. Eating up my two 1TB HDDs free spaces like crazy. And yeah, the cheaper graphic cards are the whole reason why I even want to build my PC to begin with.

  3. Iwas mostly a PS boy too though I did grow envy of the Pokemon players at my school. I got a Ds to try Pokemon finally, and I actually didn’t like it. Too easy for a heavy grinder like me. xD FF toughened me, lol.
    I suck at games with fast triggers though. I lways get low rating for DMC,and I needed to escape the torture triggers scenes in Metal Gear games. xD

    • Same story for me. Everyone around me playing Pokemon while I don’t even own a Gameboy, lol. To be fair, I may have gotten as attached to the series as everyone else if I were to grow together with the series.

      You mean button mashing? I don’t remember having that much problem with Metal Gear Solid’s torture segment. Though I don’t remember having to button mash for DMC that much.

      • That’s actually the same for me. I hate that I didn’t grow up with it.

        yes, button mashing. there was one in MSG Peace Walker in the PSP., and I couldn’t get through it. With that in mind, my sister kicks my ass in Tekken too since I suck at games w fast reflexes. She couldn’t defeat the last boss of FF12 though, and I finished the game for her. :P

  4. Years from now I’ll probably still be playing the Vita, much like how you still play the PSP now. I too have noticed that a lot of Vita games are starting to appear on other systems as well. Shame that the handheld is running out of exclusives, but you can’t blame developers for wanting to sell stuff on more popular hardware.

    • Hopefully years from now I’ll still be playing Vita too, though again, with so many of their games on Steam nowadays, I just don’t see why I shouldn’t play them on the PC other than portability.

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