A new year and an update on my blog

I want to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. Days passed by as I stared at the ceiling; depressed, sick, hurt and wondering just what the hell has been going on with my life. Before I even realized it, the shitty year went by in the blink of an eye, with no hope still to be seen on the horizon.

…Well I can talk about how shit my life is all I want, but let’s talk my blog instead.

My life in a nutshell.

I have lasted more than half a decade on this blog, though I feel like I’m slowly but surely losing my passion in blogging. Not that bad, just slightly. I have been smart to get away from my hobbies when I got too moody; one of my key principles in hobbies — avoid them if you feel you can’t enjoy them. Blogging’s one of them, of course, but since I was moody for so long, that means I wasn’t even in the mood to write anything the whole time. Even worse, aside from my shitty mood, my ideas are running thin too.

I feel you, Adol.

So yeah, you may notice I have slowed down tremendously lately. I only managed to publish one post per month for the past few months or so, and don’t be surprised to see this trend continue (so kinda on a semi-hiatus schedule, I suppose). Or maybe I can blog regularly this year, and I’m just making a fool out of myself for worrying so much. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope it’s the latter.

Happy new year, guys.

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13 thoughts on “A new year and an update on my blog

  1. You are not alone. I have been having issues finding a job (and receiving interviews, with no job offer yet) and spent a whole year feeling that I am wasting my life away, sort of. I only managed to survive this far thanks to my family helping me out. While things are tough, someday, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. It’s never good to give up hope.

    As for blogging, it’s understandable. I have pretty much ran out of ideas for editorials. Sure, the lack of comments frustrate me, but I still keep going. Once in a while, a short break can give you the ideas you need.

    But aside from that, don’t give up hope. Also, have a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2018 will be better for all of us.

    • Hey if you’re healthy, it’s all good :) Had been sick last quarter of 2017 so much I couldn’t even eat or drink properly. Hard to even walk sometimes, but healing nicely now, fortunately.

      Yeah, I suppose I can always go for a pure review-route if I want to, but would prefer to still have some variety in my posts. And to be frank, I don’t really enjoy writing reviews as much.

      Thanks, you too buddy, and happy new year to you as well.

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  3. Happy new year – even if it’s February already haha. Taking a break from hobbies is a good idea because we all get burnt out from time to time. Sometimes for example I’ll stop watching anime for a bit and play games to recharge my batteries. When it comes to blogging I sometimes feel like packing it in, but the community keeps me coming back.

    • Yeah, I deliberately slowed down my blogging and the pace so far is working wonders for me. Also have been watching anime lesser and find myself enjoying the little that I picked more.

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