A New Year and Some Updates

Last year, I mentioned I might be slowing down, and after a year of barely writing anything new and just publishing the “reserves” I have in my draft, I don’t feel that burned out anymore (well, my “reserves” are dropping, lol. I’ll worry about it again once I truly have nothing else to publish).

I also haven’t been picking up new anime that much, and on one season, only picked 2 shows to watch — an all-time record low. Instead, I focused my efforts on other things, namely my backlog, and was able to finish a lot of great anime and games which had been sitting in my backlog for a long time, a few of them reaching sky-high in my list of favorites.

One of them being Persona 5. A definite favorite of mine for sure.

Ah, speaking of lists. I’ve also added new entries in my anime, games and visual novel lists. Because of my obsession with 5s, as usual, it got a little bit daunting trying to add exactly 5 new entries for all of them, but it only fueled my motivation to clear off more titles in my backlog and watching/playing some good stuffs for once.

And having something like this to work out was great since it gives me something else to do on my blog, aside from just writing new posts since as you know, I was burned out to hell with those.

Speaking of Persona 5, Kawakami best.

But yeah, the slower pace is working wonders for me, so you can probably expect this super laid-back pace moving forward. Happy new year, and I’ll see you guys again with another shitty post a month or two down the line (lol).

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12 thoughts on “A New Year and Some Updates

  1. Happy 2019. That reminds me, my backlog keeps on growing. I just made it worse with all the manga I bought in the past year during 2018. At some point, I need to work on that.

  2. Happy new year, wordpress got a little bit convoluted for me so i kinda rebrand myself on facebook as ToyAMP XD

    i would’ve chosen twitter but it doesn’t allow me to make extensive picture heavy posts XD

      • So yeh i added ToyAMP.wordpress.com because apparently, WordPress is still the most comfortable place to write thought on

        • Ah, timely. Twitter suspended me for no reason not too long ago as well. So I’ve lost quite an established platform for me to talk about anime and games, lol. And indeed, wordpress still doesn’t fail me, at the very least, I don’t think it will randomly shut down my site unless I do it myself.

          Actually, was in the middle of writing a post about this, lol.

    • Thanks! Just want to say I really appreciate it, even if you just lurk around and stuffs, lol. I mean, I’m not kidding — my blog is really as dead as the graveyard these days.

  3. I know what’s about to go down on Oct/Nov months of P5 so I stalled it when I actually have a good amount of time to enjoy two months worth of the game’s timeline. Now I’m stuck with Vesperia.

    Also yes to slow paced blogging!

    • Ah! That was the final tail end of the flashback isn’t it? Definitely the part where it got very, very good :p

      This is a very important question though and think it needed to be asked. Uhh….. who did you (or plan to) waifu?

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