Update (yet again) on some stuffs

screw you twitter ahhhhh

Yeah, uhh, sorry, I will publish some proper posts soon. I swear! It’s not my fault, it’s all [points finger]

It’s all twitter’s fault.

A perfect representation of me for the past few days or so.

Yeah, twitter. I have to ruin the peace and equilibrium (because no new posts HAHA) in the haven that is my blog to bring upon some distressing news — this wonderful, wonderful site called twitter has just suspended my main account for no apparent reason. And seeing as how it’s one of the main social media I use, and the fact that I publicize my blog posts there too (hell I even commissioned a twitter mascot artwork too! What the hell twitter), it’s indeed a cause for concern.

I’m not sure if twitter will ever decide to unban me (lol), probably unlikely. But I digress, anyway I’m specially making this post now not (just) to rant. I assume you guys want to see some thoughts and opinions on some anime I’m watching right? Or some games I’m currently playing? And on my side here, I need to shamelessly plug some of my stuffs too, so it’s perfect — for the time being, I decided to use Mastodon as an alternative. And because I’ve been playing Dies Irae, I’ve been livetweeting there like a madman so you can see my thoughts (or more like bestial screaming) on Dies Irae as I progress along the visual novel. I was, as you might have suspected, already doing this halfway on twitter only to get suspended out of the blue. So unfortunately, the thread over at Mastodon only begun around the midway point of the visual novel (around the middle of Marie’s route, to be exact).

This is my profile: https://kirakiratter.com/@KaiPercival
This is the Dies Irae thread: https://kirakiratter.com/@KaiPercival/101431439108812440

One thing I do realize though, is that threads over at Mastodon look as clean and smooth as a naked jaybird, much more cleaner than twitter in fact. If I’m to watch another anime or play another game that I probably won’t be blogging about but still want to post my jumbled, incoherent thoughts someplace, somewhere — I will probably do so by livetweeting over at Mastodon.

Anyway, that’s it. I just want to get this out here too since I can’t use my twitter anymore and the only platform I have left is this. Feel free to follow me at Mastodon if you have an account there (I believe you can follow other people even if they’re in other servers)

…Well technically, I can unlock my twitter account if I give them my phone number. But suck it, twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Update (yet again) on some stuffs

  1. Is the visual novel of Dies Irae any better than the anime? I rated the anime two stars, but I know that anime has a certain knack for ruining visual novel adaptations, e.g. Lunar Legend Tsukihime.

    • I’m still not done with the VN and even if I’m done, still probably need more time to form a better opinion, lol. But from where I’m at now (I’m already at the last route actually, just need the other ending and to check out the last extra story), it’s pretty good. It’s super chuuni though, something the VN never make an effort to hide, lol. So admittedly it may not be to everyone’s tastes. And tbf, I would definitely rank it much lower compared to a few of my favorites. But if you’re fan of chuuni action, Dies Irae is pretty good, one of the best in the subgenre too imo.

      I can’t make any comparison with the anime though. Never watched it, lol. I already had an inkling that the anime’s probably not going to be good. And at the time, I still haven’t read the VN and didn’t want to ruin my first impression with the series.

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