8 Year Anniversary

Damn, 8 years.

Not sure how this happens, but I’ve stuck with blogging much longer than I thought. Again, thanks to everyone who’s been involved with this 8-year long journey. Your presence gave me the power and motivation to keep on writing, so I hope you will continue visiting this graveyard of a blog (lol).

If I can last the next year, I’ll see you guys again by then.

This entry was posted by Kai.

12 thoughts on “8 Year Anniversary

  1. Too late :( but congratulations anyway
    believe me I feel bad for not commenting more this and the year before.
    With more and more blogs declining I should try to keep up with the active ones.
    Would be nice of you to stay active for a little longer :)
    all the best

    • You’re not too late, no problem :)

      Yeah, I really should do that too. Hard to keep up though since I’m not watching seasonal anime that much anymore, and I can barely keep my own blog afloat as it is, lol.

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