Happy (haha) New Year

Another year has passed. Some things happened last year that is at least somewhat of an improvement, but the stress and anxiety never stop coming. In a way, the latter might have become even worse. It’s like I’m constantly jumping from one hell to another recently. In other words, life goes on (lol).

And I’m just as surprised at how I’m still blogging here like how I’m still surviving in this godforsaken world. I do hope everyone’s okay with my slower pace lately.

In other news, I also have been focusing on manga and light novels more, and reading them seems to align more with my current life and schedule than something like games and visual novels. So unfortunately, I don’t think I will be finishing video games anytime soon. The bright side is, I’ve finally read enough of them to actually make presentable Top 5 lists that aren’t just “picking the best from the worst” — my Top 5 Manga and Top 5 Light Novels lists are now added in the pages, so please check them out if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy new year, guys.

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