Creative Blogger Award: Part 3

It’s always interesting to see what language(s) one use to communicate with their peers, and the way it reflects their culture. I’m going to show you guys a little bit of mine in this Creative Blogger Award (nominated by Mangataku-kun) where you need to share 5 facts about yourself… and additionally, my Japanese-learning progress (or lack thereof).

1. I know three languages — English, Mandarin, Malay, ranging from fluent to questionable. While I’m most comfortable speaking in Mandarin (my mother tongue), English is where I’m most confident as far as written languages go.

2. Although I do use Mandarin in verbal conversations, writing Chinese is still quite a difficult task for me, embarrassingly enough.

3. Intermingling multiple languages in an everyday conversation is common in our culture. “Singlish” is an informal language that blends several languages and dialects, and you guessed it — it’s something I use a bit in real life as well.

4. Right, let’s address the elephant in the room. Since this is an anime blog and this post is about languages, you might be wondering if I know Japanese. While I would love to say I do, and know the language to an extent — even that seems like a stretch. While constructing sentences is still hard for me, I did learn a lot of words through anime and visual novels. Some Japanese words I know like the back of my hand — oppai, oshiri, ikuuu, ochin- *gets shot*

5. Speaking of Japanese, like a true weebo, I once tried learning Japanese through reading visual novels, unsuccessfully, obviously. Admittedly, I may have too much of a “completionist” mindset, in that once I start something, I want to complete them. Trying to learn Japanese on top of that is too much for me, as I just want to finish these titles I started. So in the end, I ended up finishing visual novels like Cure Girl and 11 eyes (it was untranslated at the time) while not understanding 95% of what I read. In the end, I never learned a damn thing. Also if you’re curious, the remaining 5% that I do understand is from hentai scen-

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