Let’s Talk Twintails

Literally perfection.

They say all hairstyles are created equal, but you look at twintails and you look at the rest, you can see that statement is not true.

You see when you only have a ponytail, your power is only at x1, but if you have twintails instead your power will be at x2. After all, why only have one when you can have two?

oh yaae *moans* slap me hard with your twintails

Furthermore, there’s just something oddly mesmerizing about having a hairstyle that is completely symmetrical on both sides. A wise man once said “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be”, and twintails are the epitome of balance. Indeed, that is the beauty of twintails. Twintails are unity, equilibrium; twintails are magic — twintails are the universe itself, and represent the beauty of harmony.

Twintails unite the duality of men to become something entirely different and beautiful. Whether you’re surrounded by love or hate, twintails will always be beside you, to add that little spice during your happy, exciting days, or to cheer you up when you’re sad and depressed. Twintails — an almighty power that God has bestowed upon us; a symbol of hope for humanity. Twintails are the realm of limitless, untapped human potential that will surely bring mankind love and peace.

When the world is in peril and chaos ensues, when conflicts leave destruction in their wake — twintails are your answer. Twintails are the keys that relieve the burden of the world. Twintails are our lord, our savior. When you lose your way in life, have faith in the twintails.

Indeed, twintails are love, twintails are life.

P.S: This is clearly a shitpost and while it’s obviously meant for April’s Fools, I legit meant it when I claim twintail is the best anime hairstyle. Fight me.

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