9 Year Anniversary

Month after month, I kept dragging my blog’s lifeless carcass around, stubbornly refusing to stay down. And one way or the other, I managed to last till October 1… you guessed it, the date of my blog’s anniversary.

A big thank you to all the visitors of my blog. I just want to say how appreciative I’m that there’s still someone, even if it’s just one or two people, who would even visit this blog at this point.

I’m also going to take this chance to apologize for the blatant lack of passion in my posts lately. However, the good news is that I might be able to do 12 Days this year, and like a frisky reanimated corpse, you will see my passion revive as if I’m the reincarnation of Adam… at least for a portion of December or so. In any case, I’ll see you guys again once it’s time for 12 Days.

This entry was posted by Kai.

6 thoughts on “9 Year Anniversary

    • Yeah, that’s why I don’t really want to start fresh myself since it’s so hard to establish another new place. And is also ironically the reason why I kept staying here and “doing” this as long as I had, lol.

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