12 Days of Gintama – Prologue

Gintama is my favorite anime ever, and I don’t make such claims lightly. When I’m describing favorites, I usually add an “one of my” (favorites), because I often hesitate to claim something is legitimately the top without considering others.

Not Gintama though.

To me, Gintama is a masterpiece that will truly never be matched and when talking my favorite anime — I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gintama is my favorite anime of all time.

I have talked about the series at length a couple of times on my blog. But I swear, I could go forever. And then I thought, why not do a “12 Days of Gintama” where I can talk about it 12 times in a row?

Admittedly, I had this idea long before the series even showed signs of ending. Throughout my life, my blogging has been slowing down, shit happening to my life that really makes me too moody to even watch anime, much less blog. The cruelty of time, sickness and depression surround me to no end, but Gintama always finds a way to slip itself into the snippets of my life. Gintama has literally been with me through happiness and sadness.

I told myself “Before I quit blogging, I want to do a massive 12-consecutive posts on Gintama.” It will be one of my major goals before I hang up my boots for real, and with that looking to be more and more of a reality every passing year, it only motivated me that much more to accomplish my goal.

Furthermore, at the time of preparing this post, the manga has already ended so I figure it also serve as a perfect way to celebrate for the occasion. Indeed, as of June 20 2019, Gintama has finally concluded it’s crazy and emotional tale, and on this year’s 12 Days of Christmas, I thus dedicate everything, even my body and (silver) soul to Gintama and Gintama alone.

I welcome you guys to my “12 Days of Gintama.”

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