12 Days of Gintama – Merry Christmas

I was first introduced to Gintama back during the early 2000s, and since then, has been with me through thick and thin for years. It’s a show that I find myself keep coming back to.

At times hilarious, but at times serious, Gintama traverses between the two extremes and it’s smooth tonal shifts has then went on to become it’s own unique identity that transforms itself into a bona fide masterpiece. Absurd comedy and meaningful retrospection somehow goes hand-in-hand like two peas in a pod, and allows one to even find meaning and sensitivity in the most trashiest of comedy.

Indeed, I love Gintama, because there has never been another show that both feels so mindless yet so meaningful.

Furthermore, Gintama has a lovely cast of characters, that are as boisterous as they are charming; seemingly gag characters that shoulder such emotional baggage that you wouldn’t normally notice at first glance. Last but not least, exciting fights that is equal to the most hot-blooded shounen.

Gintama is special — truly a show like no other, a show that I feel no shame in saying that I have laughed and cried together with for more than a decade, and even that is going to come to a stop soon, sadly. Aforementioned, the manga is completed at the time of this writing, and while it’s sad to see it go, it will always be remembered in my heart for years to come.

Merry Christmas.


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