New Year

For now… damn.

While I’m just as usual preoccupied with all my endless personal problems, I can feel 2020 was one of the worst years ever even in a general sense. You know the news, so I’m gonna spare you the mumbling. In fact, you guys are probably more affected by them than me who live in a small corner on the other side of the world.

Blog-wise, as you can see, it’s trudging along, barely. I spent the entirety of last year mostly just catching up on and writing award posts and a few yearly routine posts and that’s it. I would’ve been proud with the 12 Days, except I already prepared most of it several years before (lol). In any case, this may be a good time to plug this again — if you’re up for it, I could really use the help with some guest posts. Check out this post if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance, happy new year and stay safe, guys.

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