Top 5 Rappers Eminem is Too Afraid to Diss

1. Mori Calliope

Being one of the member of HoloEN, a sub-division of the heavyweight vtuber group, Hololive — Mori Calliope surprised everyone with her sick bilingual bars. Her Dead Beats EP, has literally topped the iTunes music charts. So while this may (or may not) be a shitpost, Mori does legit has some incredible resume on her belt.

2. Ichigo (Zombie Land Saga)

One of my favorite scenes in Zombie Land Saga — this one stick out even in a show with consistently the most unique and creative anime idol performances ever. You can never go wrong with a rap battle with moe zombie anime idols with some sick beatboxing and shamisen as accompaniment.

3. Hikigaya Hachiman (Oregairu)

Working with someone who’s constantly at odds with you is tough, especially so when that guy is Tamanawa whose attention-seeking hand gestures can be annoying to some people. So Hachiman decided to blast him with some sick rap! …Of course, these normies are people who actually keep up with the latest trends and culture and it seems Tamanawa is no stranger to raps himself — leading to a fiery rap battle between the two.

4. DJ Ozura (Gintama)

All I can say here is… only Katsura with his extremely high IQ can think of this idea of unifying the joui faction by coming up with an original rap.

5. Yamamoto Minami (Wasteful High School Girl)

Yamamoto can rap, of course! Though the teacher is having none of it…

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