12 Days of Deluscar – Day 1: My Blogging Chronicle – Prior to Blogging

Some of my forum signatures back in the day. Signatures — truly the stuff of relics.

Before I even thought about starting up my own blog, I was actively participating in anime discussions in anime forums and whatnot. In fact, I first met one of my fellow aniblogging friends in one of the many anime forums I visited; long before either of us even started blogging. Outside of forums, I also checked anime blogs from time to time though I still wasn’t particularly big on them at the time.

My very first blogging experience was actually when one of the anime forum I frequently visited decided to open up a blog as a side project, and I became one of their writers… which wasn’t much of an experience I’m afraid. The only things I contributed to the team was writing anime episodics which were pretty much 99% synopsis, and I found out the hard way — I’m just not a good writer, and was terrible at formulating my own thoughts.

So time passed and eventually the blog got shut down, and this was also at a time when I have been slowly stepping out of anime forums. Reading blog posts have started to become more fascinating to me, as I began to stumble upon unique posts which weren’t the usual episodics or reviews. In fact, I will just name names — Listless lnk was the first main blog I actively visited, so it definitely played a pivotal role in me becoming a blogger myself. Also thanks to the myriad commenters Yi had who are bloggers themselves, I also found blogs after blogs with various unique content.

You might think this is where I got inspired to start my own blog and yes, while they did play a major role, what sealed the deal… was something entirely different.

Prior to the creation of my blog, I began my hobby of collecting figures and decided I wanted a personal platform to share them. At the time, I was still not too much into the social media scene, so I have no idea how I would go about my task of sharing my figures… other than, yes, starting up a blog.

So off I go, firing up the wordpress link in my browser, setting up my blog and typing in this (dumb) ingenious name “Deluscar”. And so began the journey of my blogging life, a journey brimming with adventure and excitement… or maybe not. The current me has learned that while blogging is fun, it can also be fucking tedious at times. Though little ol’ me certainly didn’t think so at the time — with determination in his eyes, and fire in his heart, he fearlessly sailed the unknown seas of aniblogging with a passion unmatched… compared to the old man I have become now.

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2 thoughts on “12 Days of Deluscar – Day 1: My Blogging Chronicle – Prior to Blogging

  1. Yay, blogging XD
    I really liked sophisticated blog posts about anime, including yours, Listless Ink was a great place too.

    It’s a miracle, but even in this day and age I enjoy watching anime. It’s still a great source for entertainment.
    I returned to MAL board to post my opinion of anime episodes, although I think the discussions on reddit are more educated.

    I mainly focus on figures on my blog, since they are becoming more and more expensive I don’t know how long I can keep it up. I wrote anime posts but that always ended to be a whole lot of work, I more or less gave up.

    I still try to blog, but it became so hard to focus on finishing a post, while I often like the finished posts, I don’t know what the blog visitors think about it. I always said that if at least one person reads it, it’s enough, but hell no it isn’t,
    It would have been nice if my blog could have received more fame, but that never happened, also not when I posted like a madmen in the first few years.

    The sad things with blogging is a declining blogsphere, seeing your highly cherished companions vanishing bit by bit is just a sad thing. Surely one could just stop investing time into blog posts and start a completely different hobby or focus in life. On the other hand I can’t simply abbandon my own blog.

    I’m glad you are still there

    • Yeah, I still watch anime but I find myself committing myself to other things. Well, I say “other things” but there are still mostly anime things — LNs, VNs, vtubers, etc… But as for actual anime, really watching them lesser these days. Reddit discussions are surely more in-depth, sometimes not in a good way though because there are tons of smartasses in that site, lmao.

      I find figures posts to be tougher, but mostly because I have to actually find space to display now that I had unpacked them, lol. Hardly have any spaces in my room. I still do have a figure or two I haven’t open yet, but that’s about it for my figure-collecting life, lol.

      Yeah, I posted like a madman for a few years and soldier on even while I find the activity dwindling down. But as you can see I just slowly give up as time goes on. People may dress it up and stuffs but I don’t think there’s a single blogger out there who likes seeing their blog literally have 0 interaction.

      I keep thinking about just ditching my blog too, but it’s tough throwing away something you literally build from the ground up. Well, as I work on these 12 Day posts, I’m actually going to talk more about the status of my blog moving forward… so yeah, lol.

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