12 Days of Deluscar – Day 2: My Blogging Chronicle – 1st year to 3rd year

Earlier, I mentioned I initially opened a blog for my figures. In fact, if you check my oldest archives, you might notice I had way more figure posts than textual content. Though after a while, I found out the hard way if I’m to maintain my blog’s activity, just solely figure posts aren’t going to cut it. It’s not like I collect a lot in the first place, so I needed some writing pieces to fill in the “gaps”, so to speak.

This is where my oh-so-limited writing knowledge comes into play.

So yeah, Deluscar’s earlier years were just me figuring out what I want to do. Do I want a figure blog? Do I want a review blog? Do I want an editorial blog? …What is the fucking difference between an editorial and a commentary anyway!? Hell, I even have a Kpop category in here because I thought I might talk and review their music sometimes. But anyhow, questions kept spinning around in my mind as I trudged along. I mean, I started a blog and was completely directionless. I’m not a good writer and hell, English isn’t even my first language. Everything is going to be fine, right? Of course it is.

Though by mid 2012, I began to write more extensively (not without a whole lot of experimentation here and there) and while the quality of my writing was debatable (okay let’s face it, they are fucking terrible. I didn’t even realize I was mistyping of course as “of cause” for months), I was at least proud with the quantity. At least in my opinion, there was definitely a lot of (poorly-written) posts to go around. I thought the issue with my writing will just solve itself as time passes on. Despite the quality of my writing, I was nothing if not passionate. I even instigated an aniblogging project/carnival on my very first year. Looking back, my first year of blogging has been the most fun out of all 10 years of my blogging — chaotic, yes, since I still didn’t know left and right at the time, but immensely fun. At the very least as far as activity is concerned, mid-2012 to me was peak Deluscar.

My second and third year of blogging was when I began my concise effort to improve my writing. Sadly, that means much fewer posts compared to my first year, as good posts do take time. I started making lesser jokes, sounded a little more serious, tried to avoid emotes or just generally tried to make my posts less “twitter-like” as possible. I do have a legit twitter account at this point though, so if I just want to express some quick thoughts and impressions on something, twitter became the main space for that while wordier content is obviously on my blog.

One trick that I eventually learned by the 3rd year is reserving a post to publish for later. I mean, there’s no written rule forcing you to publish your posts as soon as you finish writing them right? Why not save them for later? This sounds obvious, of course, but is something that I feel is very underappreciated — as it’s the sole reason why I’m still (somewhat) actively blogging 10 years down the line.

So yeah, in short, my first few years of blogging was me experimenting and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and ideally, to improve my writing. And it took me years just to have a better understanding of this thing we call “blog”.

The irony however is that just as soon as my blog felt like it’s starting to pick up some steam, the later years haven’t been especially kind to me…

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